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Bill Clinton's Penis killed 3,000 people and he admits it
Independents4Bush Wrote:Of course Clinton didn't take many vacations. Every day at the office was vacation. Sodomizing interns, having his opponents audited, eating McDonalds, swapping spit with muslim terrorists like Arafat and finally pardoning criminals and terrorists.

I know you didn't call me dumb but you said he knew more than I ever could. That was an insult because this bafoon was a flunky in his day and I have perfect grades. So it is a fact, I am more intelligent than Bill Clinton.
That is a very slanderous way to speak of a former president of your nation.
Why do you hate America so much? 8)

And perhaps one needs to consider where the respective grades were obtained.
Remind me again, what's the name of the religious college where you learned about pedophiles being attracted to 16 year old in your "abnormal psychology" class? :roll:
The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.
Independents4Bush Wrote:You're going to force me to go there aren't you. Well I don't blame her, it's nasty. I don't see how a women can do it. It's just not right. That women has too much self dignity to lower herself. Figuratively and literally I guess. :lol: I will defend Hillary Rotten on this one.
That really did make me laugh out loud :lol: As a middle aged lady once told me (about something else), 'don't knock it if you haven't tried it." Apparently you are more innocent than I imagined, although I was that innocent on my 19th birthday. No, it is not nasty! And since the King James Version says this, I'll say that "the marriage bed undefiled" allows for oral sex between two married heterosexual people. If you can make a case that if oral and anal intercourse are mentioned in the Bible, they are only referred to as, "as a man lies with a woman."

And speaking of oral sex, while the definitions of "sodomize' are different in every dictionary, it usually refers to forced anal sex.

You apparently claim to have more intelligence than Bill Clinton because you're maintaining a 4.0 GPA somewhere, and Bill Clinton was a buffoon. Do you know the difference between a buffoon, a baboon, bamboo, bamboozled, Lamphun province, and the satirical Ivy League magazine Lampoon? Bill Clinton had a high enough undergraduate GPA to get to Oxford, and then to Yale law school. Further, GPA is not the same as intelligence (you may re-read my LBJ quote, above).

Back to another point. Congress was lied to by G. W. Bush and Colin Powell, so they 'authorized' war on Iraq, as you phrased it. And, Congress is currently trying to unauthorize that authorization, in which case he would no longer be authorized to do it. Mind you, however, you strict constitutionalists: Congress has not declared war since 1941.
I'm often wrong. But I'm not always wrong!

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