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Iran Influence in Iraq
Well I hope they turn on Iran. Lets see how much Iran likes its own civil war.
Palladin Wrote:I am not surprised,but I just wonder,what do Iranian&Iraqi Shia think of Iran assisting al qaeda in Iraq? Most the massacres of Shia were theirs.

We don't know this.
AQ is not a centralized movement; when we say "AQ in Iraq" we really mean any number of islamist groups.
It is possible that Iran did not specifically support attacks on the Shia mosques; it is possible that Iran supported only the attacks against the US forces,... some of the actions attributed to Iran could be our own propaganda.

We can be reasonably sure of *SOME* Iran-AQ link (AQ figures were spotted in Tehran) and of *SOME* support from Iran to Sunni fundamentalist groups in Iraq, but the full picture not clear.
Government is necessary because people left unchecked will do evil.

The government is composed of people left unchecked


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