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UN Report - Iran Brought Somalis into Lebanon
Israel withdraws from Gaza,the Muslim terrorist fire rockets into Israel. Israel withdraws from Lebanon,Hezzbollah and associated Muslim terrorists strengthen themselves to attack Israel. All the while,Muslims globally condemn the Jews.

The day will arrive whereby Israel(actually God) will remove these animal like people from existence for Israel's sake,until then,I guess the Jews there will tolerate these latter day Philistines torturing them.

This could ignite conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia again.

Btw, why do both Shiite and Sunni countries support the Islamic Courts Union?

I think the common enemy theory. All Muslims hate America,Christians and Jews fervently. Even worse than your neighbors in Holland, MAYBE.

There probably is no way Shia can rule Somalia,so Iran still wants to see a sharia law style Muslim state to be used to attack Jews and Americans via terrorism. That is my guess.

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