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This war is like the frog in warm water analogy. I agree with Richard's views here myself,except for the Armageddon mention,the USA may not be around when that day arrives.

I side with 90% of that. If Libs take control the years of appeasement will delay the inevitable, but no Conservative will be able to get the ball back after four, or more years, of the type of damage the libs will do.

WWIII? I disagree, we had that it was the Cold War. We were under much the same assault from without, and within, then, as now.
We are in WW IV. We are not winning because we have more enemies within the Country than without. They provide the enemy from without with aid and comfort by making it believable that 'Yes' we will inevitably give up and go home.

Quote:It wasn’t until 9-11 that the American people were shocked into the reality that we were at war
I disagree. We were awake, but we did not have a truly epresentative form of Government. We had Liberals with a desire to appease. Many of us wanted retaliation. Clinton wanted a blow job. I refer to what I said about appeasement if they get back in office.
Here's to keeping them out.
Quote:For us, the war on terror is a nightly news item and a political football to be kicked around in the nation’s capitol and on news talk shows
It's a reason to have polls and compile news around that rather than the truth.
A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government
Edward Abbey
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Actually guys, the American people *still* aren't shocked into the reality that we're in war. That's whats so scary about Iraq - how little people seem to care about it.

Anyway, about the suposed ongoing WWIII, I don't think its real. At least not yet. But we are making it a reality through our increased paranoid behavior.

First,I should have said IV,not III,eagle is right.

Second,war does not have to be as intense as the Normandy Landings to qualify and YES,we are in mortal long term danger. As much as we were in 1960,maybe more.

the reason I say maybe more is defeat would not be a foreign Army occupying us and changing our way of life which is a gargantuan challnge,here it is in increments and we're already surrendering certain perogatives and really all our enemy is,is a thug. Not a soldier. Not well organized,yet we have voluntarily changed some to accomodate them.

Think about this. Islam is a ridiculous ideology of coercion with a smattering of stolen(from the Old Testament) moral virtues as it's religious facade.

here we are in America,we get repeatedly attacked and finally on 9-11 and our POTUS visits a MOSQUE??? that right there is appeasment mentality.

We've already ceded to islam certain prer rogatives such as criticing the religion itself,yet no one minds criticizing Jesus Christ do they?

that shows a strong start for the Muslim coercion campaign,do not forget the cartoons and Pope comments. Europe and Canada will charge you for denigrating Islam,but not Christ. That is strategic victory right there in a sense. Joe Stalin never achieved that level of intimidation that we would not denigrate him and Marxism.
Those that fall into the category of Islamo Fascist have a set goal in mind and they are using all the weapons available to them including the induced gullibility of racism.
Those who may not be Islamo Fascist assist the real ones by playing that card.
Those who subscribe to the belief that calling all Muslims 'evil' is akin to racism become part of that crowd of people willing to accept that gullibility. Hence a visit to a Mosque to show that we do not believe all Muslims are involved. They are. Whether it is by acceptance of what happens or by active participation. The weapons of the hard core Islamo Fascist are not just the Guns, rockets, and IED's of war, it is also the insidious use of Pysops to cause diversions or create fifth column activity no matter where it might be. It has been (5th Column) primarily in England where it has had the best effect. The English believe it is the War on Terror (WW IV) that is bad, not the actions of the Islamo Fascist themselves. The demise of a country generally starts from within.
The Muslims of the Radical Islamist sect are true believers of Mohammed and the Koran. They have studied the fall of the Knights Templar and the eventual withdrawal of the Crusaders. In all instances it was the mole from within that did the most damage.
There lies the danger.
A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government
Edward Abbey
[Image: eagle_1721.png]
Quote:But we are making it a reality through our increased paranoid behavior.
Actually, no. I think we are making it a reality by
Quote:how little people seem to care about it.

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