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Offer Of Negotiation in Iraq
So,the Iraqi Sunni Arab is now understanding the USA is leaving and Iran ain't? Now there's some enlightened thinking.

You have it backwards -, its because they're afraid that the U.S. will leave and Iran won't that they're offering an alliance of sorts. I remember reading an interview with a Sunni insurgent, in which he explicitly stated "if America invaded Iran, I would cease shooting at American soldiers and fight alongside them" (paraphrase).

Also, remember that kid who flew to Baghdad secretly for a high school newspaper assignment? Before he was found and deported, he had the chance to talk to some American guards there, and he said the guards told him that the SUnnis are generally much friendlier than the Shiites.

Truth is, the Shiites are less friendly to us because they are more confiden in their ability to dominate Iraq, and the region. They're the majority and they've got Iran behind them. They don't think they need us. The Sunnis know they do need us.

It's an odd way of showing they don't want us to leave by murdering our soldiers.

But,I agree with the general thought there,with the exception of Iran. Arabs no more are willing to kiss their cans than I am. You need to read more about this schism.

Muslims are real protective about who has the "Holier" city,etc. Ancient debate between Arabs and Iran over this within Shia. No love lost and wise Arabs understand the Iranians will use them as cannon fodder.

Would you be willing to hand over your governance to Germans even though you share a basic culture with Germans?
Palladin Wrote:Would you be willing to hand over your governance to Germans even though you share a basic culture with Germans?


There's a difference between handing over your governance and becoming aligned with and influenced by a shared culture. While allowing Iran to gain that kind of power is unthinkable, the fact that the possibility has to have the Saudis and their Arab buddies crapping in their robes is probably worth at least a mild chuckle. Cold comfort is better than no comfort at all.
True. But,I don;t think we have what it takes to prevent Iranian hegemony at this point.

These Sunnis see the Shia as a southerner saw black folks in 1870. Sort of late for them to worry about the potential problem you delineated as the Sunni insurgency is the only reason it might occur.

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