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Prediction of Bombing of Iran
Quote:2,000,000 ... and the North Koreans and Chinese have absolutely no culpability for that right?? Actually it's a mere pittance compared to the 100,000,000+ that that ideology was responsible for slaughtering in the last century.
I guess they do. However, if you wish to look it up on a map you will learn, Korea is closer to Korea than America is. Onehundred million! Ask John for an exact number, he can provide. Who has ever counted the perhaps billions of lives that capitalism has claimed all over the world, for centuries. Where to start, with Bonaparte? WW1, 20 Million. WW2, 60 Million. Vietnam, four Million. Democracy is expensive.
If I were right wing, I would be happy about disobedient nations as that NK too (but since I'm not, I'm just amused). Imagine, WMD in the hands of Kim!!! How convenient, war on terror and Irak are decicedly wearing out and one needs new menaces to spook America. The show must go on. The defence budget must grow. Americans must feel scared to vote republican.
Are they buying gieger counters in rural Arkansas? I would not blame Kim, but ban FOX.
"You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." Dick Cheney
Capitalism is right now the best system we've got.

It works because its based on human nature. Before we come up with a better system, we've got to change human nature first.

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