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Venezuela elected to non-permanent seat on the SC?
The vote will be held today and the other nation competing for the seat is Guatemala.

A big majority is required to get elected and it would bad if the world would favor Chavez (he'll probably rig/win this year's Venezuelan presidential election also) over Guatemala. But on the other hand it would provide another argument for the West to dump the SC.

Perhaps the West's (US) big economic and military power made us focus more on the application of that force instead of the potential application of it, at least when negotiating. Deterrence and bargaining is powerful, but also very difficult, certainly when the self-proclaimed higher authority (UN) never wants to enforce contracts.

Anyway, let's wait for the results.
Guatemala tops Venezuela for U.N. Security Council seat but misses two-thirds majority in first three rounds

I wonder if there is a man alive who thinks the UN can do anything positive?

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