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Sistani Open Minded on Pope
Need some more with the integrity and moderate temperment of this Iraqi gentleman.


What up man?? I thought you recommended that this guy and all others who share his fundamental beliefs be burned along with the Mosques they worship in ... or is that just in this country?

... have you been hacked or something? Shock

You don't understand my views it seems. Sistani is fine with me,I dislike those who preach violence and division.
But Sistani wants a government that will either repress the Sunnis or drive them out of Iraq. These elderly "statesmenlike" clerics are the worst, cause they pretend like they're not dirty.

He's still better than Muqtada al-Sadr, that's for sure.
Anonymous24 Wrote:But Sistani wants a government that will either repress the Sunnis or drive them out of Iraq. These elderly "statesmenlike" clerics are the worst, cause they pretend like they're not dirty.

He's still better than Muqtada al-Sadr, that's for sure.

I don't Ever remember Sistani saying something such as that. Do you have a link there?
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
H. L. Mencken
Well, its pretty self-evident thats what he wants. He wants a Shiite theocratic government in Iraq that will include all of Iraq, at least south of Kurdistan. Such a government would inevitably either repress, kill, or expel the Sunnis.
Palladin Wrote:Yak,

You don't understand my views it seems. Sistani is fine with me,I dislike those who preach violence and division.

Palladin on the Oil to drop sharply? thread Wrote:Bush is intimidated enough to have gone to a Mosque on 9-12. He would have done better to have torched every one he could find. King David of Israel sure would have!

You're right. I don't understand. Please square these two seemingly divergent POV for me.

Somewhere between taking to the streets with torches and pitchforks looking for Mosques to burn and tacitly swallowing a liberal politically correct "go along to get along" path to ruin there simply has to be a middle ground.

How about this view?

Of course there is a middle ground,but that point was not that Bush should necessarily burn US Mosques,but he would have done well to have burned US Mosques if his only other action was attending one and showing extremist Muslims we are prepared to suck their because thugs always view kindness as weakness.

I personally wish Muslims would be deported,it would alleviate us of the problem of an internal 5th column and eliminate any potential of a pogrom of Muslims .

My comment there about King David is true,but King David's Israel never would have openly allowed a group who openly avow they desire your eventual destruction. Pre&post King David's Israel would have and we know what their future held.

The nicest Muslim on earth should not be residing in this nation until Islam calls off their war on America . Which ain't gonna happen since the religion is based on converting everyone and will use violence when needed to advance it's cause against we who think Mohammad was just an Arab war lord.

I seriously doubt that deporting Muslims would do any more to win this war than interning Japanese Americans did during WWII. Deport them to where? The last time a large scale deportation of millions of people because of their religion and ethnicity was employed was during that same period ... by our enemies. Is that what you have in mind? Death camps set up in Mexico or something? While that might make some people feel safer (as it did with the Japanese internment) it probably isn't going to do squat to actually make us any safer. If every single American Muslim was an al Quada fanatic we would have seen untold horrors in the last five years. Other than the damaging schizophrenic effects of today's polarized politics we haven't seen much damage and we certainly haven't really seen the same carnage of 9/11/2001 in the last five years. Sorry, I just can't see the upside of vilifying an entire group of citizens because of the actions of a few criminals and maniacs. It sounds too much like the left's approach to gun control.

If you really want to stop the real villains here, it's not going to happen by persecuting a few million Muslim American citizens in this country and/or burning thousands of Mosques. Those 19 guys on 9/11 were not U.S. citizens. If they had it would have been a heck of alot easier and would almost certainly been larger in scale, scope and repetition. At the same time you are arguing for deportation you are most probably sending at least some of your cash to Saudi Arabia every time you fill up. Does that strike you as rational or sane?? The only real way to stop these guys is to dry up their funding. That is going to require rendering dependence on "cheap" ME oil irrelevant. Think about it. Would these guys be able to spread their poison without all that cash? Would they be able to build their suicide masadras in places like Pakistan and Indonesia with out seemingly endless bags of money? Would a bunch of moneyless migrant goat hearders been able to fund the 19 maniacs that infiltrated this country and turned our commercial aviation into kamikazee?

Like everybody else I'm glad that gas prices have gone down. But I have to wonder if it's a good thing. Something has to motivate us to reduce our need or increase our ability to produce by about 10-15% (Particularly the 10-15% that we depend on the Middle East for). It's imperative that we do this. But I'm afraid that once gas prices get back to about $2.00 we'll all bet fat, dumb and happy again. And that frightens me a heck of alot more than any American Mosque. I'm not saying that that there are not domestic dangers ... Padilla was one of them. But he was just a shoot of a plant that grows elsewhere ... and thrives on gas money. The sooner we can summon the will to send them on a path back to being nomadic goat herders ... instead of being cash flush jihad's exporters the better. That's what going to end this thing. Unfortunately I think it's going to happen later and not sooner. S4

The same goes for Iran. The less we use and the more we produce the lower the price. And a lower price weakens Iran and, more important, it's current leaders.

Well,I'd love to de-fund Islam,that's for sure,but it ain't gonna happen.

I see Muslims living here equivalent to Germans or Japanese living here during the wars with them,it is senseless,it stands to reason some would be traitors and agents of the enemy.

I don't mean Japanese-Americans,I mean Japanese.

It shows we're influenced by subjective nonsense in allowing them ever to come here. Their religion teaches we're awful and to be defeated,what sense did it ever make to allow them to live here? If one is a convert,one can up and live with his pure co-religionists in the cesspools Islam has created freely.

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