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Islamic State Declared in Sunni Triangle of Iraq
Anonymous24 Wrote:But the thing is, they can't get anywhere near America.

And why is that? Is it possible that by preempting, or taking the fight to the enemy, in his territory, we may be keeping them from coming here?
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
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Oh, so the terrorists were using Iraq as a launching-off point to attack, America right? So by occupying the country, they are totally incapable of traveling to America, planning attacks, or getting financing, right?


al-Qaeda's main benefactor was elements of the Saudi government.

Any Muslim living in Europe can travel here visa free as Tony Blair can.

That's probably 30 million Muslims,maybe more.

I haven't yet read of 1 arriving since Iraq over here,but I have read of hundreds arriving in Iraq and dying there. I read of Richard Reid before Iraq.

It's like if you want to burn my house down,but I'm in your front yard torching yours,you are on defense. That's what Iraq has accomplished in the tactical sense so far as well as turning Iraq away from the antagonistic camp to the Somalia style chaos camp.

Has it stopped the 6 million US Muslims from any terror acts?? No,we've arrested several with plans so far and on that count we have been fortunate.
Anonymous24 Wrote:Sure they'd do that to American women. Sure they'd kill innocent people.

But the thing is, they can't get anywhere near America.

Eaglestrikes, most of what you are saying is speculation as well. The fact is that there hasn't been an attack on American soil since 9/11. You think Iraq has something to do with this.

But, if you look at this logically, it doesn't. The terrorists who are attacking Iraq are in Iraq cause they can't get to America, not because they'd rather be committing terrorism in Iraq than in America. Iraq isn't refocusing any manpower or resources terrorists would have otherwise committed to America.
My opinion is based on a fact. There has been no attack. Yours is speculation as to why not. I find the evidence overwhelming that Iraq and Afghanistan contribute to that reason. The Terrorist must preforce pour in those resources they have available to fight us. That leaves them very little to do anything else. They do not have unlimited resources so they must use wha they have. Add to that the fact they are quiescent everywhere else. Now what do you base your opinion on?
A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government
Edward Abbey
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