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New Russian Militory Doctrine
Some interesting changes.

Russia adopted the current military doctrine in 1993. President Putin introduced several amendments to it in April of 2000. The doctrine of 2006 has a whole new meaning.
The document particularly entitles Russia to “defend its citizens’ rights abroad in case of danger posed to their lives.”
Furthermore, Russia will be able to participate in armed conflicts on its borders where “principles of international rights are violated and thus can be classified as aggression against citizens.”

The above is probably mostly about conflicts in Georgia.
Quote:The main thesis of the section titled “Defense Security Guarantee” says that Russia stands against the proliferation of nuclear weapons and its delivery means.”
Does this mean that Putin changed his position on Iran? I doubt.

And now for the key part:
Quote:As for Russia’s enemies, the authors of the new military doctrine suggest the following list: the USA, NATO and international terrorism.

Back to USSR?

Government is necessary because people left unchecked will do evil.

The government is composed of people left unchecked

I wish NATO was all we had to concern ourselves with.
Well, I guess it's time for the price of oil to drop... precipitously. S1
Quote:The document particularly entitles Russia to “defend its citizens’ rights abroad in case of danger posed to their lives.”

If I was Russian, I would cringe at the thought. Dubrovka and Beslan immediately come to mind as being representative of the planning and execution of Russian rescue operations.

It sounds like a rumor.
In ru.
Quote:В военном ведомстве опровергли сам факт подготовки новой доктрины, назвав эти сообщения "не соответствующими действительности". А вице-премьер, министр обороны РФ Сергей Иванов, комментируя сообщения некоторых СМИ о том, что новая военная доктрина России может появиться уже в 2007 году, сказал: "Мало ли какая газета что-то написала".
In the military department the very fact of preparations for a new doctrine was denied and the report was called as "not corresponding to reality".
The PM, Minister of Defense, Sergey Ivanov commenting the information from some media about new doctrine of Russia to appear in 2007, said: "It's a lot of things that are written in the newspapers".

All in all it looks like a joke a-la Zhirinovsky because he is the central source of this info.
There is term - probable enemy. It exists to determine what enemy we must be prepared to deal with... If NATO and US are building bases near russian border (in Poland in particular) and press out russian bases from Georgia and Pridnestroviye, it would be strange to prepare for war with martians. NATO and US are probable enemies of Russia. It's fact, it was not choice of Russia, it's logical consequence of NATO policy. International terrorism is not probable enemy of Russia, it already is real enemy for enough long time...

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