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Ocalan Makes Cease-fire Call to PKK
Ocalan Makes Cease-fire Call to PKK
By anka
Thursday, September 28, 2006

Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) Leader Abdullah Ocalan, currently serving a life sentence on Turkey’s Imrali Island, made a cease-fire call to the PKK. The terrorist leader said: “We have good will. We also expect the Turkish government to act in this way because this may be our last chance.”

Ocalan said the supporters of democracy in Turkey were raising their voices for an urgent peace, explaining that his proposed cease-fire was maybe the last chance for peace in the country.

Ocalan said he did what he could to make peace: “In order to achieve this I am playing my part and calling on the PKK for a ceasefire. I hope that the PKK will heed my call and that it will yield results.”

Ocalan said there could be some provocative events in Turkey in the near future, adding that “both parties” should not allow themselves to be provoked.
I wonder at this point is his advice taken or is he no longer a figure of command with the PKK?

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