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Re-enactment of Flight 77 Pentagon strike
I dont remember if we have members on this forum who are 9/11 conspiracy nuts, and if we do, who they are. But I learned of this computer re-enactment today and thought it did a good job backing up what I already believed to have happened when that "US government missile" (or that "govt-insider-placed bomb", whatever it is these nuts believe! LoL) hit the Pentagon.

Watch re-enactment here:

This is the best explanation to-date that I have seen telling exactly what happened at the Pentagon and exactly how it happened. But then you ALSO have all the eyewitnesses on the road which the plane almost hit, with people who were simply traveling on the road (i.e. independent witnesses) agreeing it was a plane that hit the Pentagon, many even identifying the exact airline it belonged to even before the news reports were broadcasting that info.

Oh yeah, how silly of me. All those who were in the area at the time were probably paid off or threatened to tell the "airplane story" in such a way that all their details matched exactly! :lol:

Damn those evil Bush Admin/US govt "inside conspirators"!!!! S6
Yes, clh, we have whacko conspiracists drive-by posters who appear from time-to-time to prove how gullibility is a cyclical thing. Just when one batch of crazies become too embarrassed to continue their mindless attcks against normalcy by accusing us all of being simpletons, another series of Emails makes the rounds, and the Lemming-like Liberal websites start linking one to another, and after a hundred thousand links think they have veracity on their side unstead of dumb-assedity.

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