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Iraqi - Al Qeada Links Documented?
Takes a while to decipher,but I think yes myself.

Did not your SonofaBush himself admit there was no connection, just yesterday? The issue looks like solved. Faszinating to follow the links on that right wing blog, this one is great Doesn't need a lot of braincells to become a right winger, does it? Are you running out of human resources anyway, enlisting Jews and Blacks? How times have changed...
"You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don't matter." Dick Cheney
Uh, NO, Quadrat, Dubyah did NOT "admit" any such thing.

Al Quaida and Saddam simply had different agendas. Saddam had a country to bully along with his desire to bully the rest of the Arab world.

Al Quaida on the other hand wants to bully the non-muslim world first thereby uniting the Arab world under their bully attitude.

Saddam is finished......and Al Quaida picked the wrong adversary too.

The only question is how much needless pain they cause among innocents before we end them.

Next on the agenda is getting the idiot mullahs out of power in Iran.
They have painted a target on their own chests with the nuke pursuit.

You sir might want to keep in mind that the only time we ever used nukes was to SAVE LIVES. That more lives than we had to end, on the part of the Japanese as well as our own.
My former Japanese boss understood that quite well.

Seems the Iraqi deputy Prime Minister doesn't strain at gnats like US Senators and Marxists do concerning the subject. Incidentally,Bean is right,Bush has always held that Iraq dealt with various global terror groups,al qaeda is only a small part of the problem


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