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Netanyahu: "Bush will 'cowboy up'"
According to a report G. Gordon Liddy read on his radio show on 9-8-06 at approximately 10:40am ET (I missed what he said his said the source of this article was), Benjamin Netanyahu is now visiting the NYC area, seeking support to replace Olmert as the leader of Israel.

I have a one word response to this news: WOOHOO! \S2/ =D>

And the article also quoted Netanyahu as saying that "Bush is fast losing patience with the world community in how it is addressing the Iranian-nuclear weapon issue" (paraphrased), with Netanyahu hinting that Bush would soon "cowboy up" (I think this is how he was quoted) and deal with this problem.

Hopefully, Netanyahu --- or someone even tougher, if such a person exists --- WILL replace Olmert as the head of Israel. And I dont doubt Bush will take some action against Iran's nuclear ambitions before that situation gets to the critical point, whether he has the backing of the UN or not.

The cause of justice and the decent people of the world would be better served if leaders like Netanyahu and Bush were better-supported and allowed to do what needed to be done.
I beieve that it is only a matter of time before the Olmert government falls. And yes, Bebe will be the next PM.
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
H. L. Mencken
The article is about Bush ordering a war on Iran though. He won't,that's bs.

I wish Bush would stop with the pretense that we have allies or the "FREE WORLD" even exists,there is no such thing. IF Bush decides to attack Iran,we will do so entirely alone. It would be the correct move,but not Britain,not Australia,not Israel will lift a finger,let everyone here and across America know the facts.

Bush ought to simply dispatch atomic missles to Iran after a warning time frame for them to allow open elections to be monitored by some neutral observers and IF that new government changes the paradigm,no missles,if it doesn't,see ya.

I would do the same with all Muslims that lift their finger against us.

Incidentally,here is a URL from an article about Bibi. Read it,he really silenced his STUPIDAS.S British enemies with one sentence

As a child, we used to play 'cowboys and indians' here in Texas.
I love the freaky east-coast inteligentsia badmouthing "cowboyism".
(no more indians) lol

All Dubyah needs is a strong enough for for it.

Like the simultaneous exploding of NYC,LA and Chicago all at once?

I doubt we;'d respond even then,which Muslim city would we retaliate against,after all,all but 1 is innocent.(I'm being facetious,they all ought to be eliminated if that happened).
Nah Pall, that ain't gonna' happen. Too many easier ways to end the problem...if we act soon enough.

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