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Example of Press Bias Against Israel
Kamil, the rocket attacks has been on-going before the Israeli excursion into Lebanon, The rocket attacks were part of the reason they went in.

The big problem now is that Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz has severed all normal contact with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert after he first learned of the Israeli IDF standing down from the blockade before Germany and British forces were ready to take over. Berlin has offered to lead the UNIFIL naval component securing the Lebanese coast but the Siniora government only agreed to doing so at least seven miles out, allowing smugglers free-access close-in to the coast. London has also put up pre-conditions and is not ready or willing to step in.

Evidently Olmert ordered the action without even checking with those who are out there in the crosshairs.
John L Wrote:We are ALL getting slightly out of hand here. It is not about the eleven operations, and aparantly all of us are looking at things differently. Let's all of us step back and take several deep breaths before resuming again.

Patrick, you are calling him an Anti-Semite. In truth, he is a Pro-Muslim, which is not the same as the other for everyone. Kalil, you are not looking at this through a 'western' lense.

Let's 'chill out' a bit.

This is why religious discussion can be so confrontational and rancorous.
Since I dont view any part of this World War Against Radical Islam from any kind of religious angle whatsoever, me being agnostic/atheistic, let me weigh in on this story and photo.

I dont believe it is an authentic photo, at least not without cross-validation from a media outlet who is neutral or not reporting from the muslim/Lebanese side of the issue, as this al-safir outfit apparently is.

Forgive me for being skeptical of muslim/Lebanese sources for accurate "news" regarding the war between Israel and Hezbollah, but time and time again during this conflict, some such stories and photos have been proven to be biased and untrue propaganda pieces to make Israel look bad. Remember the doctored photos of the smoke? I believe that was a muslim or Lebanese journalist who tried to perpetrate that hoax, wasnt it? And I also saw evidence that many of the photos of dead bodies after some of the Israeli airstrikes were comprised of live people who were brought in and posed in staged photos.

And maybe muslims or people from that part of the world are alot different. But if I had survived such injuries, I wouldnt be posing for pictures holding a picture of me bleeding while my son was cradling me, especially with the "poop-eating" grins the mother and son have on their faces while holding said picture! It looks more like a pose that is saying, without words, "look what a scam we pulled on the world...we werent hurt at was staged!"

And another thing....she "almost died" and has had to have 11 surgeries, and it has only been something like 44 days between pictures? She looks pretty damn healthy to me for being near death just 40-some-odd days ago!

I wont believe the original pic was real and that she had wounds at all until the proof is provided by another, more reputable source.

The reason for the initial post though was we have lots of examples of falsifying photos and stories slanted to back up Islamic lies vis a vis Israel. It's been ongoing for quite sometime visa a vis the Muslims and America.

The mantra is the same,we're evil,they're innocent victims.

Maybe this example was not proper to use. I would note it was used intially by an Egyptian MUSLIM who has some honor and thought he recognized one more lie in this war of ideas and images.

Kamil here has decided to accept the lie at least as relates to Jews.
The previous rocket attacks might have been one of the reasons for Israeli action, but they did not say that for starting this conflict.

Looks like Hizbullah had about 12000 Katusha Rockets, and used 4000 of them during this conflict. IDF managed to destroy couple of hundred of unfired rockets during their actions and killed a few Hizbullah terrorists, but Now Hizbullah is stronger than before this actions started.

However, they almost managed to completely destroy Lebanese infrastructure, killed hundreds of civilians, and lost support of the world for their actions.

Palladin says
Quote:Kamil here has decided to accept the lie at least as relates to Jews.
Lets see what I have decided to accept:
Lebanese Infrastructure is destroyed
Hundreds of civilians including women and children have been killed
Hizbullah remained intact and perhaps gained strength.

As far as Arab terrorist killing Israeli civilians, including women and children, and even Israeli soldiers, I strongly condemn it, but I don't expect a state do the same thing as terrorist do.

If after 9/11 United States went to Afganistan and started bombing civilian targets I would have raised my voice against such actions.
Palladin, as far as your following comments

NO, not at all am I sorry she lived,that wasn't the point. If anyone is alive,according to The Scriptures,it is because God has deemed it so. I am not sorry Osama is alive,when God desires him dead,so be it.

I don't buy this, if God exists, he has given humans the powers to make decisions. For example, how can you hold God responsible for killing 6 million Jews during WWII, it was Hitler and his henchmen who were the murderers not God.

This is a theological debate and they always end up as they started,no change on either side. It's OK with me if you don't buy how I think about God and man and human history. My guess is most people,including many Christians, disagree with these views.

Basically,I think the Scriptures teach that Christ controls human history,period. If I am in a store and a man holds a pistol to my head and desires to murder me,it is not his decision to make.
It is God's. If God has decided it is my time to exit the time continuum and enter the eternal continuum,then He allows the man to murder me,if He has not made that decision,the man cannot murder me. This general theological point is all through the Bible.

I would like to see Bin Laden become a believer in Christ as I would you and all humans,but barring that event,my second option is to see him get captured and/or killed. He's alive because God has not decided to terminate Osama's time here nor has God decided to terminate Osama's conduct or He would hand him into our hands.

As The Bible teaches it,events like the Ottoman Empire,Roman Empire,Alexander the Great's Empire,Spartans,Persian Empire,Babylonian Empire as well as Israel,America and Timbuktu were all part of the grander scheme of God controlling human history.

He doesn't have to only use His people,God used unbelieving Roman soldiers in Acts to save the Apostle Paul's life from 40 sworn assassins at one time.

Some of my fellow Christians don't see Christ as this pervasive an affect on us here on earth,but I feel the Scriptures make it clear He is. One thing to keep in mind,life on earth is a short fling compared to eternity,we Christians are not to view life on earth as anything but a quick trip for testing purposes,nothing more.
I wish a good author would write an alternate history in which bin Laden DID convert to Christianity, which in turn, allowed the gentle Muslims and Christians and Jews to combine into an overwhelming force for good and overcome the evil Imams.
WmLambert Wrote:I wish a good author would write an alternate history in which bin Laden DID convert to Christianity, which in turn, allowed the gentle Muslims and Christians and Jews to combine into an overwhelming force for good and overcome the evil Imams.

Then who would be the 'Bad Guy' for the subject plot?
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
H. L. Mencken
The evil Imams.

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