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Olmert accepts cease-fire deal?
Well, Fox is reporting that Olmert has accepted the latest cease-fire proposal. But it looks like he may turn the military loose until Sunday to do as much damage to Hezbollah before the Israeli govt actually approves the deal.

Either way, unless Israel puts Hezbollah totally out of business by Sunday (which probably wont happen) I am gonna predict that Nasrallah will proclaim victory and probably portray Israel as backing away from a fight they knew they couldnt win. Like many have said before, in the muslim world, not being totally defeated is considered a victory. So Nasrallah will almost surely spin it this way, at least to his captive muslim audience.

And, I also believe that this is only gonna put off the inevitable...that Israel will have to go back in to defend itself and eliminate the threat once and for all. Hezbollah will attack again, because as long as even a handful of them remain alive and with sufficient arms, they will still desire the destruction of Israel and will resume their holy war against Israel at some point. So Olmert agreeing to any deal that doesnt have the kind of teeth that would actually expell Hezbollah from within striking distance of Israel or disarming them completely (and you know the UN will never pass anything this useful) is totally stupid and makes no sense.

I think if Olmert accepts this deal and then Israel is attacked by Hezbollah at some later date, and he doesnt go in at that time and TOTALLY wipe them out, the Israeli people will demand his replacement by a leader who is actually willing to fight a real war to defend Israel above any other considerations, removing the Hezbollah threat once and for all.
Olmert is the worst they've had,IMO. Even their leftist press is irate at him because they fully understand Hasssan is soon to crow and will have reason tomhis group will have achieved a strategic advantage over Israel.

Olmert would have well served Israeli interests(assuming he quits the war in days) by sticking strictly to his pacifist ways and when the Jews forced him out of office,then the next PM could have led them to victory.

As it stands,if this article is accurate,he has led them to straetgic defeat AND they've suffered a high casualty rate. Worst of both worlds.

There are even rumors,believe it or not,of a military coup in their press,it is that bad. I think most Jews are fully realizing,this really is an existential war and if they half as.s it now,it is going to cost them up to natioinal destruction as it has emboldened the islamic people right when none of us needed them further emboldened.
Some think this may eventually work to the advantage of Israel,but I think that's dreaming. Anyway,it seems likely the people of Israel will oust this government and then if the Muslims start again,they will be better prepared to kill them once and for all. Notice how silent the HAMAS terrorists have been?


Captain Ed thinks it went about as well as humanly possible considering Israel is not prepared to attack Damascus and he might be right

Palladin Wrote:Olmert is the worst they've had,IMO.

Uggh, it seems that they have more than one idiot and in just the right places.


1>>>> Olmert is a mere politician, perhaps suitable for a mayoral job (ex-Jerusalem mayor), or of following Sharon, but clearly with little of leadership abilities.

2>>>> Peretz, the defense minister, is the ex-leader of Histadrut trade union, good for labor wars and blissfully unaware of real wars.

3>>>> Dan Halutz, is the first Israeli Chief of Staff that comes from the Air Force. Those familiar with WWII history probably know the effect of giving too much power to the Air Force chief. It seems likely that Halutz promised to deliver with air strikes only, just as Goering promised to deliver Britain with Luftwaffe (I'm not trying to compare Israel with WWII Germany here except for the issues of efficient warfare)

4>>>> Finally, Udi Adam, Northern Command OC, now "retired" is an expert in logistics for tank warfare. The Northern Command under him has been preparing for a tank war with Syria.

Anyone has a 5>>>> ???? Regardless, this is a full chain of screwed up command assignments, which perhaps explains the morass of the last month.


I'd not read too much into Olmert's acceptance of the resolution YET. We are seeing some action today, finally.
Government is necessary because people left unchecked will do evil.

The government is composed of people left unchecked

mv Wrote:Anyone has a 5>>>> ???? Regardless, this is a full chain of screwed up command assignments, which perhaps explains the morass of the last month.
5. A substantial fraction of populace that voted them in. They think that they can live in a frontier state the same way people live in Brooklyn.

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