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August 22 Muslim Apocalypse?

If the Iranians infact do have something planned against Israel on this day I doubt its a nuclear attack because I don't believe they could have made one yet. They may have purchased one from North Korea and that would explain their presence at the NK missile test. Likely if they use wmds it would be chemical. Ofcourse Israel would respond with armageddon.

I am only speculating,but a nuclear bomb is not nearly such a technical achievement as you imagine.

A teenager can arrange one with proper equipment.

This thing that they may get 1 in "2 years" is stupid. IF they have enough HEU or PU238 and a couple of other components not all that difficult to get,they can as easily have one as Pakistan has one.

In 1945 it was difficult,in 2006 any student of science knows the components and how to arrange them.
Both interesting articles, last Friday's WSJ contained also a good and extensive one on the Sunni vs. Shiite part of the wider conflict. If there is interest I can post it here.

The current resolution on Iran is a deadbeat so when the deadline expires later this month they have plenty of opportunity to stretch negotiations again for months. So they aren't under pressure at moment. Perhaps if Iran and Syria get mentioned in the actions against Hezbollah things might change a bit, but that isn't going to happen.
I don't think the surprise,if there is one,is necessarily to be attacking Israel. It could be us,it could be any Non Muslim peoples and in theory it could be any Sunni Muslim peoples.

The latest

Palladin Wrote:The latest:

I thought that was standard proceedure anyway.

Now, the citizens will have to become more innovative, or they will have to get so irate, that they will finally rebell and overthrow them. I certainly hope the later.
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Quote:Iran said Sunday that it will offer a "multifaceted response" Tuesday to a Western package of incentives aimed at persuading Tehran to rein in its nuclear program, but insisted it won't suspend uranium enrichment altogether.


Earlier, Iran's state-run television reported the test-firing of 10 surface-to-surface Saegheh missiles Sunday, a day after large-scale military exercises began across the country.


The Saegheh has a range of 50-150 miles, state TV said. It did not specify whether the missile is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, but it isn't believed to be. Iran already is equipped with the Shahab-3 missile, which is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. An upgraded version of the ballistic missile has a range of more than 1,200 miles and can reach Israel and U.S. forces in the Middle East.
Source: AP
Here is one of the latest official statements, next Tuesday is the 22th of August. The military exercises could be used as an excuse to move lots of troops around the country.

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