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Jimmy Carter Again Displaying Dementia on Middle East
Jimmy Carter is at it again. Were it not so pathetic, it would be hillarious. Where does this...............person get his information? Is he really going through the middle stages of Alzheimer's, or has he been too busy building houses since his untimely, but well deserved retirement.?


Stop The Band-Aid Treatment

It is inarguable that Israel has a right to defend itself against attacks on its citizens, but it is inhumane and counterproductive to punish civilian populations in the illogical hope that somehow they will blame Hamas and Hezbollah for provoking the devastating response. The result instead has been that broad Arab and worldwide support has been rallied for these groups, while condemnation of both Israel and the United States has intensified.................................................

The general parameters of a long-term, two-state agreement are well known. There will be no substantive and permanent peace for any peoples in this troubled region as long as Israel is violating key U.N. resolutions, official American policy and the international "road map" for peace by occupying Arab lands and oppressing the Palestinians. Except for mutually agreeable negotiated modifications, Israel's official pre-1967 borders must be honored. As were all previous administrations since the founding of Israel, U.S. government leaders must be in the forefront of achieving this long-delayed goal.

Note that not once does he chastize the other side. Amazing! So Let's look at some things.

1. UN Resolution 1559 calls for the disarming of Hezbollah, yet they obviously did not do so. Yet Israel did comply and vacate Lebanon at it's own peril.

2. Who is calling for the destruction of their enemy? Is Israel beating it's chest and proclaiming that they intend to destroy their enemies?

3. Did Israel cross the Lebanese border, ambush innocent Hezbollah patriots, and then kidnap two of them for a later bargaining chip?

4. Was it Israel who walked away from the Oslo Accords?

What is wrong with this fellow? So, where does he keep his head, when not used for a hat rest?
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
H. L. Mencken
Israel is not punishing civilians to get them to think anything. They hit infustructure because it can be used by not just civilians but hezbollah aswell. 2nd if civilians are caught in the crossfire it is because hezbollah uses them as human shields. Israel is not going to allow rocket launchers to kill more Israelis in order to save the lives of Lebanese. The left wants Israel to sacrifice its people for the Lebanese people.
Jimmy has had the anti semitic virus from the first day the man spoke about Jews and Israel. He had a big problem implementing policies against Israel because in America,you don't get to be a dictator.

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