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Islamist Operations Other Than Anti USA
I thought I would ask since Anon has again re-visited the question of why Islamists do what they do. He,like Bin Laden and our enemies,claims America's evil is the problem. I say the opposite,Islamic evil is the problem.

If Anon is accurate,this means everywhere the Muslims do their terrorism is a reaction against the evil of those they fight. Below,we visit the Thailand&Sudanese Jihad. Most of us already know of the Islamist wars in Algeria,Somalia,Israel,Darfur and Southern Sudan,The Phillipines,India,Pakistan,Southern Russia.
Not to mention the attacks and potential attacks of Islamists in Canada,Spain,England,France.

I think people like Anon,who seems to have joined the jihad,need to explain these other wars ongoing for centuries in some cases. What did the evil America do to cause these terrorist activities?



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