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Canadians Take Down Muslim Terrorist Group
Ties to US extremists?


Note how the Canucks caught the slime


Check out this blurb,exactly what I predicted years ago. Dis affected jerks will now become Islamists instead of Neo Nazis or Communists. In fact,I think some of us here know 1 such dis affected jerk

"The other (concern) is young Canadians who are generally quite disillusioned, which is again very disturbing because it's hard to detect and hard to investigate. They're the kids who don't do well in high school, but could do anything. They could become petty criminals. They could get involved in the drug culture. They might join a motorcycle gang. We're now seeing a number of examples where they decide to take up Islam in the radical form.
It shows you that even a country like Canada which for thr most part appeases terrorism can still be a target. Hopefully the Canadian people and government will reconsider their immigration policy.

I think the Canucks made the same error we did,but just X10 with Muslims. They sort of took their multi cultural attitudes,open ness and liberality and were tolerant of the intolerant.

Plus,they gave haven to those prosecuted and not persecuted. As we did with men like the blind Egyptian sheik.

We've all made our errors in this regard. So,I am in no mood to point fingers at Canada,I sincerely do hope these good people find objectivism and responsibly review their nation's policies. The truth is before it's all said and done,we are all going to have to get harsh with this group of hyenas.
The CSIS came out with a statement stressing they weren't targeting muslims specifically, and that the operation in no way negatively reflects any community or ethnocultural group.

Sounds like there's already a little appeasement going on.

I think it's interesting that they even had to put out a statement like this.

I wonder if they're worried about some kind of backlash from the muslim community :evil:
Oh hey America made the same mistakes as Canada and I would add we are still making the same mistakes. I have had passionate debates recently here at the forum regarding immigration and illegal immigration. The United States is no better than Canada on this one. I'm not pointing the finger at Canadians as I am pointing the finger at the circumstances.
I agree,Bush is as appeasment minded as any Canadian and he is the HARDTAIL.

Bush immediately went to a Mosque after 9-11,that makes me want to vomit. He should have torched one himself as an example of what these enemies of human freedom have in store if they do not behave.

This lie that Islam is a religion of peace is disgusting. It's a very harsh ideological policitical movement akin to Marxism or Nazism.
Well I knew it wouldn't take long for the "R" word to get thrown round
Quote:Other friends and family of the accused arriving at the courthouse also complained of media "harassment."

"These (family members) are not the accused," said Tarek Fatah, communications director for the Muslim Canadian Congress. "This is racism. It is the people who appear to look like Muslims that are the ones being questioned about their families."

The accused are also complaining they're not being allowed to pray together :roll:
Well,YEA,I don't have any affinity for the enemy,I ain't shy about stating that. These Mohammad worshippers can head back to their cesspools if they want. Islam teaches political hegemony via violence,so to me they are all the enemy.
Those who can be considered "moderate muslims" usually don't even read the Koran and are beginning to assimilate to western culture. What really upsets me is when the moment you hold anyone who can be considered part of some minority group of any sort accountable for their actions you're a racist. I know some liberal is tempted to call me a racist for what I'm about to say but keep this in mind I'm not white and I could be considered a minority. So its like calling MLK a white supremacist lol.

Minorities whine too much and complain everytime they screw the majority and the majority won't stand for it. Oh OJ isn't liked by people, he killed the mother of his children!!!

Oh mohammed isn't allowed to pray together with his buddies. He wanted to blow up buildings and they could coordinate a hit on someone!!! Oh Tyron was given a harsh sentence for selling drugs, he was caught for the 10th time!!!

Pablo shouldn't be kicked out for invading the country, using our welfare, using our healthcare and filling up our public schools with his 10 kids!!!!!

Come on this is why most Americans are upset. Everytime they act up someone defends this behavior and calls others who don't bend over for them, racicts. Canadians are going to come to terms with what Americans did a while ago.If you want equal treatment don't expect special treatment. If you act up don't complain when people punish you.

Moderate Muslims can become ravening wolves overnight. We have enough evidence of this.

Thus,no Muslim should still be living in our nation. The fact they are shows our national subjectivity.

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