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Allah versus the Vikings Islamo Facists win

Hispanic people have been a larger success story here than some other immigrant groups. Less crime,more voluntary service to our military,etc.

If you oppose Hispanic people,just be open and say so,I do not oppose ANY ethnic group coming here. Most Hispanic people here are legal and always have been legal. Most Hispanic people here name their sons English oriented names like Mike DeRosa,their families lived here when we took the southwest from Mexican sovereignty.

I share your desire for things to be legal,but not your obvious animus against a specific people,the fact is if China were on our border it would be illegal Chinese or Malaysians or fill in the blank.

They live in a dump without hope and as long as fathers desire to provide for their families and America creates jobs BUT NOT humans,Mexicans will continue to come here.

Your animus won't stop a single one nor should it.
It is not just the mindset...

It is the educational system that produces the mindset which is evil.
I don't care what race they are and I do not have it in for hispanics. If it were China, Iran, France or any other country to the south of us under the same circumstances I would be upset if millions were invading illegally a year rather then small groups coming in legally and assimilating.

Quote:Most Hispanic people here are legal and always have been legal.

Like I said earlier these are the ones who assimilate. However they are a minority now because millions of illegals are coming each year and they do not assimilate.
The first wave of legal immigrants from Cuba were displaced shopkeepers and middle-class small business owners who had their properties and businesses taken over by Castro. Their assimilation was easy. Then Castro emptied his insane asylums and prisons and shipped the dregs of his society to our shores. Assimilation for them was far harder, and one of the best reasons to truly hate Castro for siccing depraved and psychotic criminals on us without warning, and no files or case histories to help the truly sick ones.
Democrats4Bush2005 Wrote:Here's the sad part they are not all teenagers wearing those shirts. I know some do assimulate but its nonsense to say most do. Sure white kids do stupid things to but here's the difference. When a white kid screws up there is an educated, knowledgeful, culturally aware set of parents there to pick up the pieces.

Their parents are not educated, knowledgeful ( of how to get things done in the US) and are not capable of picking up the pieces. So guess who is left to pick up the pieces, you gueesed it the tax payers. Guess who suffers the consequences for the bad choices of others, the United States citizens. Look at some of those consequences already.
No use in showing these people statistics, they are zealots for a government ruled by men. They have the 10day memeory of other fat and bloated TV messiahs. If you recall Palladin was up in arms over the protests. This is the way of the simple folk.
Gosh, let me put on my humble hat or my duncecap, and admit that I don't know everything, even though I try to make myself sound so.

What I know about Mexican-Americans is based upon my life experiences, living in Texas or Mexico, 1961-2003. My kids married them, they were my neighbors, they are my grandchildren or my former houseboy, I lived among them in their home country, etc. Once I interviewed an illegal Mexican for his income tax return in my managerial office. The old man was real nervous until I interviewed him in Spanish, and showed him his birthplace on the huge map of Mexico on my office wall. Fifteen months later, I was studying Spanish in Nicaragua.

My houseboy, Lester, lived with me in southernmost Mexico after he had swum the Suchiate River from Guatemala. His dream was to get all the way to the USA. I 'sponsored' his trip by paying his way to Matamoros. It took two tries, but Lester got to Houston. I didn't violate any law, and I'm not ashamed. Lester is hard-working and motivated, and he moved in with me to learn English. If it matters, he went to Texas to have sex with teenage girls, to get a job, and to have money to send back to his starving family in rural, southernHonduras. I'll bet he has a child that looks like my grandchildren now. S2

What do we really know about illegal aliens, who are off the books in some of their employment because we've driven them underground? Even the social workers of the government find it difficult to win their trust. Look behind the ridiculous claims you see, and try to find out what the facts are.
I'm often wrong. But I'm not always wrong!
Nice apocryphal stories, but remember that for every illegal there are also legal immigrants working hard to fulfill their obligations to enter the country without breaking any laws. The consequence of helping illegals into the country is a slap in the face to those who do so legally.

You should be ashamed for helping Lester into the country illegally, or anyone else. A crime was surely committed if anyone got in illegally because of you. You are no better than the lowest coyote who kills families of hopeful illegals in the back of a locked cargo truck in 120 degree heat. The only difference is you could avoid the evidence of a few dozen corpses.

Our prisons are full of illegals who escaped into the U.S. after breaking laws in Mexico, or Guatemala, or Honduras - and then fled to our country to do more of the same. Many of the problems lie with cultural difference. Michael Savage documented how Doug Lu Chen killed his cheating wife with a hammer. The anthropology professor at his trial argued the murder was a part of his cultural diversity. Justice Edward K. Pincus accepted the defense and gave Chen only five years probation after murdering his wife. A Hmong immigrant kidnapped and raped a University employee, and got away with his crimes by claiming that is how they get spouses where he came from.

It may be possible to game the system and beat the Law - but I wouldn't be proud of it if I were you.
Some of you gentlemen are ignoring that the southwestern USA WAS Mexico. That is the taproot of Mexican - Americans,period.

There are far more who are as legal and as old Americans as most of us.

This idea that "they" are illegal is wrong.

I want the illegal ones stopped and removed,but "Mexicans" in America are as old as America almost.
The ones I am talking about are illegals. Whether Mexican, Nicaraguan, etc. Those who can not defend the indefenseable have to put it in a broad scope as hispanics or Mexicans. Most of them are Mexicans but not all. I want the border invaders kicked out along with the ones who overstay their visas like someone from Europe, Africa and the middleeast.

The ones I describe as not assimilating are going to be mainly Mexicans because they are the ones invading by the millions however I am still talking about the Mexican majority of the illegals not Mexican Americans in general.

At the end of all this I want those who keep advocating amnesty to recognise they are not helping the illegals because if someone like myself who is not a right winger, who is a democrat, who used to be in favor of a guest worker program can be driven to take a hardline most Americans are upset and coming to out side aswell. Watch this November.
Forget who used to "own" the land. Most American Indian tribes who occupied the lands before any Europeans, Spaniards or not, did not believe land belonged to them. As such, they were terrible conservators of the land and merely hunted and gathered until the land died and they moved elsewhere. The Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas supposedly let in salt-filled sea water to irrigate their land and died off in the following crop failure.

Many lives were lost on all sides establishing boundaries and conservatorship of the land. In the arid desert regions which were mostly unpopulated wastelands, the few oasis-like barrios and homesteads were used by all. The new populated Edens created out of almost nothing is what is being fought over now. Seems to me, and any fair-minded observer that thinks about it, that something out of nothing out to belong to those who developed it.

I agree with your proposition,I am just reacting to what I fear may be some racist sentiment here as opposed to concern for our nation's true culture.


I share your concerns. I oppose the illegals totally and want them to be stopped and not given amnesty. As I mentioned to William,my latest responses are because I sense some racism here as opposed to protecting America.

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