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Iranian Military Preparing for The Last War
the Iranian Chief of Staff must be part French, as his breifing clearly shows that he is preparing for the last war in the region: the Iraqi invasion.

If we go to war with Iran, and that is still a Huge IF, will the Iranians be prepared for this?

And note the flowery use of Arab style here. Even though Iranians are not Arabs, they must have learned much from their hated neighbors.

General Abdorrahim Musavi Wrote:Knowing that our number one enemy is the criminal America, we focused on it. We identified its strengths and weaknesses, and prepared the equipment, structures, and tactics necessary to deal with it.

We studied all the details of America’s war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our military planning teams simulated American capabilities, based on America’s activities in Iraq and in Afghanistan. In this simulation, they predicted the kind of attack the U.S. would employ, if an attack indeed takes place. On the basis of these simulations we developed scenarios, and prepared ourselves for dealing with each one.

This is why we do not compare ourselves to the countries in the region. We compare our force to that of America, because it is from America’s force that we want to protect ourselves. We want to put America in its place.

We realized that America’s military power is greatly overestimated, based on statistics and accurate figures. Our conclusion was that 70, 80 percent... 60 to 70 percent of it is psychological warfare. U.S. military power is only 20 or 30 percent of what is portrayed.
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
H. L. Mencken
Very good if he is TELLING THE TRUTH.

of mice and men.

support for the Govt will crumble once we surgically remove military offices and Govt instalations like we did in Baghdad.

once the people realize they are free form the hated Mullahs, the hard part would be over.

and i doubt the effectivness of an "insurgency". we would identify it right away, and deal with it in the proper phase of the attack.

these morons can bang their drums all they like, but there is no ocuntry in the world that can stand up to a fully resolved American Military...
Maybe WE should start an "insurgency" in Iran. lol
im all for it.

private donations to this group in southern Iran might actually show the true resolve of the American people...

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