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New Anti Islamist Organization
Daniel Pipes. He's probably correct,the non violent Muslims are our challenge,not the thugs.

I think both are serious challenges...just different challenges.
Palladin, I think you nailed it. It is not the few Islamacists who are pushing at the fringe who are the danger - it is the mass being pushed - and their resultant effect on the world that troubles our future the most. I also think Michael Savage's battle cry of "Separation of Mosque and State" needs to be shouted from the rooftops.
Moderate Moslems that I know, want seperation of religion and state, and not only in the Western Nations, but also in their own nations.

Ottoman Empire which was Calipath for a long time, did practice very limited Sharia law since 1500s.
There were several law systems, Christian, Jewish, and Moslem. On top of all these courts there was Sultan's Secular Law that acted as supreme court.

Why would anybody think that suddenly Moslems would want to go back 500 years, and start following laws based on Sharia Laws only?
Kamil, it is only until Sharia law is removed from the REAL arena of law that Islam will enter the 20th or 21st century. Christianity has already made the transition centuries ago. With Christianity, it is the spiritual soul that will suffer for it's transgressions, not the body of 'here and now'. And until Islam makes this change, do not look for there to be a true enlightenment within your religion.
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
H. L. Mencken
An interesting book to read that gives a vivid image of the times in Palestine after the Great War and the interplay of the Turks and Great Britain can be found in O Jerusalem by Laurie R. King - the "lost" book of the Marry Russell Beekeeper's Apprentice series. The research may not be perfect - but the analysis of the culture and times by no less than Sherlock Holmes, himself, is oddly resonant and an enjoyable read.

We think that because you do not represent Islamic stream of consciousness. You represent a liberal stream of consciousness.

Our experiences since 1980 with Islam are from the greater Islamic community,not the more liberal Turk form.

The majority of Muslims are not as liberal as you,we wish they were,there would be no war right now at all,neither of ideas or arms.

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