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G.W. Bush: India, China competing with America
Ok - Good.

However, you're trying to deny someone (or in this case, a nation) a positive right. Mark Steyn said it perfectly when talking about Europe's positive rights:

Quote:At some point--I would say socialized health care is a good marker--you cross a line, and it's very hard then to persuade a citizenry enjoying that much government largesse to cross back.

In this case, its education, and since its partially sucessful, its good in the eyes of the people, and they think putting more money into it will make it more sucessful. This is true, but the amount of success gaine isn't much, and so the process keeps going. It works, kinda, and thats good enough for Joe Sixpank who has, along with the rest of his fellow citizens, crossed the social rubicon.

In the end, its all wishful thinking. Unlike health care, this is not something to really come crashing down.
Ahhh... John is referring to Peter Feaver, I think. The Duke studies.

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