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Durham's strategy?
I've been chastising the snail's pace with which Durham has been moving - letting the stature of limitations actually run out before he does anything. His snail's pace netted Sussmann, but the exigencies of the DC world exemplified what he is up against.

I thought that Hillary's Chief of Staff implicating Hillary in givng the go-ahead for Sussmann to give the Steel Dosier and charges about Alfabank might finally see her indicted, but the Cooper Court may have let her skate again.

Sussmann walked because of politics - not Justice. Judge Christopher Cooper was appointed by Obama, was Sussmann's co-worker in the Justice Department, and has a wife who represented Lisa Page in the Russian Collusion case, and was married by Merrick Garland. The law says Sussmann had to be tried where the crime was committed. DC is 91% Democrat. Prosecutors are only allowed six challenges to the jury pool, and the Defense gets ten. Cooper forced Durham to use all his discretionary challenges by denying obvious cause for being a Hillary donor or having a child on the same team as Sussmann's daughter. The Defense with its ten challenges was able to block the few candidates that might have been impartial. The acquittal was foreordained.

But Durham maneuvered his next cases to be tried out of DC, so there is still hope.

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