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Winning the Iraq PEACE

You sort of need to explain to me how anything I've said can be deduced to a lack of support for our troops? My son is 1.

I want victory on all fronts,I want The Lord to protect our soldiers,I personally have donated probably $1K to various soldier causes,ranging from sniper EQ,to Soldier's Angels,to air conditioners,to satellite communication EQ for them,what have I said that is not supportive of America's Army?

I'm not GRIPING,I'm stating that our President is doing a fair or mediocre job leading us against a second rate bunch of dis organized THUGS.
Guy, fanatical stupid thugs have usually run the whole darned world! They used to call them "dictators", Kings" or "emperors".

Now they call them IMAMS.....DUH! what the hell is the difference?

Dubyah is calling for try to be civilized while our young heroes kill off the barnacles.

God bless yours for carrying the fight to the jerks. Tell him to "bust a cap" for me.

I got just about all the buttons and zippers in my bod that I can carry...and I never got one medal or thankyou.
Best regards
That's because people like me were teenaged kids when you came home and you didn't come home to the good people of this nation,you came home to the anti American slime creeps in Washington State I bet.

Ken,I revere you as well as today's soldier and my own son as far as service goes. I have a close friend who served in the 1 ID in Vietnam and he started crying recently right in front of me when I made mention of how I felt about today's soldiers. He is 68 years old. I felt like he.ll. He expressed what you just did.

My hat is off to all of our combat veterans in all wars we Americans dispatch you men to,I can no more repay you for your service than I can The Lord for His work for me. In an impersonal way(only cause I don't know you) and I mean this for you and JL,I love you 2 men.

But,I like to argue,too.
...GOOD! honest argument is good for bowels. lol

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