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A Review of Literature on Radical Librarianship in Canada
Quote:On the Importance of Theory in LIAS: A Review of Literatureon Radical Librarianship in Canada 

I'm curious about your learned opinion regarding the above.
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This is the very first time I have ever heard/read about "Radical Librarianship" before.

I do know one thing though, libraries are not as necessary as they once were, since everyone has so much access to literature on line. I can find just about anything I look for, and access the subject without needing a public library membership. Am I missing anything?
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Yes, you are missing whatever might have been. I learned long ago that libraries order books for their shelves that mirror the Progressive mindset, and block even best sellers that don't. The publishing companies will give Democrat wannabees millions of dollars to write a book for them that will never sell. Newt Gingrich gained hatred from the Left for exposing how the Democrats make millions of dollars by pretending to write books that never sell. Even the best seller lists exclude books that outsell the ones they prefer.

This is not just a USA proclivity, either. When Peter Wright wrote his autobiography, Spycatcher, the British government banned it. Everything in it was in the public domain, but since Wright explained what it all meant, they did all they could to block it. When Clinton's extracurricular treasonous actions were written about, those books were unavailable at the library. I went to look for Compromised: Clinton, Bush, and the CIA  by Terry Reed, and although it was a best seller it was unavailable at the library. However; I did find it in the used books sales counter in the basement. They wouldn't place it on the shelves, but instead took any brand new books that came in from gifts, and put them in the used books store. Many GOP authors with huge sales were also placed in hidden locations so no one could find them. Same thing in book stores.

It all stems from the same factor for why the media and education is so Left-sided. The librarians graduated from the Lefty-leaning Universities.

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