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A tale of two governors
American Thinker

A tale of two governors

By G. Murphy Donovan   May 18, 2020


Donald Trump provoked a controversy midway through the 2020 COVID-19 crisis by asserting that he, the president, set national pandemic policy.  If the truth be told, he stepped onto a political minefield, the predictable push/pull of state versus national control on any matter.  Most of the "local control" sentiment on pandemic policy comes from the urban American left.

True to form, Trump took a prudent step back and allowed that state governors were free to make local medical decisions and set local economic recovery schedules.  Unlike many Democrat governors, Trump would be happy to provide counsel, assistance, and guidance — but no local mandates.

The politics of the shutdown crowd was clear from the start.  The national Deep State and the urban creep states sought to extend the shutdown through the fall and the November general election.  After all, politicians and technical bureaucrats get paid whether the economy is open or closed.  Doctor Fauci takes a bow here.



What a startling difference in how they ran the state during the spring.... Cuomo was really bad at it....

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