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Dr. Fauci? What is Going On Here?
Something's going on here, that I have been missing.  It seems that Dr. Fauci, and Dr. Birx, are at the center of what is becoming a political "tug-of-war".  Things are really building up, and it looks like a major explosion is about to go off.  Is anybody following this? And Gates? What th....................? Banghead

EXCLUSIVE: Drs. Buttar, Shiva & Mikovits BLAST Gates, Call to ARREST Fauci as Crisis CRUSHES Economy
About Coronavirus - “Suddenly I begin to understand why Charlie gets so excited over taking a walk outside.”
Complete crap. All these bits of interviews are taking out of context. It's nothing but a video-montage to tell what they want to tell.

Dr Fauci Wrote:there will surprise outbreak.
surprise outbreak
surprise outbreak
The COVID-19 is not a surprise outbreak. The US knew weeeks before the first cases appeared in North America that this desease will spread dangerousely and Trump was in denial until it was too late.
They knew of everything weeks ahead, yet did nothing to be prepared. Look at the panic to buikld ventilators? Which at the ened appeared to be useless.
Now dead rates are proportionally, almost as high as Italy. But Italy, the first country infected in Europe was taken by surprise. The US doesn't have this excuse.

Fauci knew a few years ago that the Trump administration will not be willing to face such eventualty and he was right. That's why he predicted "surprise outbreak" because the governement won't do anything to prevent it. He was perfectly right.

Now what Fauci did with the funding of the Wuhan lab was probably wrong if it was against the law and against decisions. But, let's be real, it has nothing to do with the coronavirus.
The Wuhan lab didn't manipulated viruses to make it more dangerous. I even heard the word "weaponize". How people with multiple PhD's can says such stupidities?
No lab in the world are, even not remotely, able to make a virus more dangerous or more something on purpose. They can do it by mistake, but the odds are so tiny it's more like science fiction than anything else.

But don't be misled by this video-montage. These doctors don;t accuse Fauci of masterminding a global conspiracy. he just had a deal with the chinese to transfer $3.7 million and he did it in somehow not a regular manner and this deserves a penalty. But he not responsible for the outbreak and the lock down. That's ridiculous.

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