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Sweden: Is It doing the Right Thing?
This is interesting news:

Sweden Decides to Let Coronavirus to Run Its Course in Country Without Destroying Its Economy or Future.

[Image: sweden-covid-19-600x341.jpg]

Quote:Sweden has taken a slightly different approach to coronavirus than the rest of the world, allowing life to go on as ‘normal’ with a few exceptions.

Unlike neighboring Denmark – which has restricted meetings to 10 people or less, Swedes are still going out to nightclubs, hanging out with friends, and even ‘enjoying ice creams beneath a giant Thor statue in Mariatorget square,’ according to the BBC.

No one is alone in this crisis, but each person has a heavy responsibility.”

And while the country has limited gatherings to 50 people as of Sunday, the government is largely leaving decisions over self-isolation and social distancing up to the citizens. BBC notes that almost half of Stockholm residents are working remotely, and that traffic is quieter than usual. Stockholm’s public transport company SL reports 50% fewer riders on subway and commuter trains last week.

Quote:Stockholm Business Region, a state-funded company that supports the city’s global business community, estimates that rises to at least 90% in the capital’s largest firms, thanks to a tech-savvy workforce and a business culture that has long promoted flexible and remote working practices.

“Every company that has the possibility to do this, they are doing it, and it works,” says its CEO Staffan Ingvarsson.

His words cut to the heart of the government’s strategy here: self-responsibility. Public health authorities and politicians are still hoping to slow down the spread of the virus without the need for draconian measures. BBC

From the Worldometer coronavirus website.
Sweden as had 4,435 confirmed cases and 180 deaths from the coronavirus.
About Coronavirus - “Suddenly I begin to understand why Charlie gets so excited over taking a walk outside.”
It`s a subtle way to solve their migrant problem.
The true purpose of democracy is not to select the best leaders — a clearly debatable obligation — but to facilitate the prompt and peaceful removal of obviously bad ones. 
He... No. They don't impose total curfew because they have fewer cases.
Wait two weeks and nobody would be allowed to leave their home anymore.
Other countries also started gradually without damaging the economy. Italy in the first place.

But there is something else very important: The best way to stop the contagion is, on top of limiting human contacts, to test massively and early care and quarantine of the positives.
That's what Sweden is doing.

It's not that others are not as smart, but they lack testing kits and are moving to solve this problem asap.

Canucklehead Wrote:It`s a subtle way to solve their migrant problem.
All of a sudden, migrants stopped coming. No crowd at the Greek border anymore, mo more drifting boats packed, nothing. Finito.

Even better: The agressively pro-migrant UN asked for an operation to move migrants from Lybia back to their home country (sub-saharian).
Never seen such U turn.

Mexicans asked the US to close its border and stop north americans from entering. They now cheer the Trump's Wall. Upside down world.

IMO the migrants themselves are scared of the virus.

Let's hope it lasts.

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