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Killer Lakes
I was going through one of the sites I scroll through every once and awhile, so I worked my back a couple of weeks, and came upon this article: Mother Nature Hates You.  I played the short video here, and suddenly it all came rushing back into my memory again.  I've known about this mystery since the 1980s, and read further about it a couple of times since then. 

So this topic peaked my attention once more.  Its about the Killer Lakes in Africa, which collect huge amounts of CO2, Methane, and Carbon Monoxide, and at times will have an explosion, where huge amounts of these gases are released into the atmosphere.  In the process, those living around the lake are in grave danger, because they are heavier than the atmosphere.  The last explosion in 1986 killed over 1700 people and 3500 livestock.  But it wasn't a front page story because at that time the cause was still a mystery to everyone. 

Well, now we know all about it and my guess is that hardly anyone has even heard of this thing.  Here's the video that got me going again today, and led to more research on the subject. 

The 'Killer Lake' Powering Rwanda - BBC

The first killer eruption occurred at Lake Monoun, in 1984, where 37 people were killed.  Then in 1986 Lake Nyos suddenly emitted a large cloud of CO2, which suffocated 1,746 people and 3,500 livestock in nearby towns and villages.  But those are pretty small potatoes compared to the possibility of lake Kivu doing the same. 

Here's a more detailed BBC special that explains about these three killer lakes, and what needs to be done in order to prevent a mass killing.  And harnessing the gases are going to be worth huge revenues to Rwanda and Congo, which divide Lake Nyos.

Killer Lakes documentary narrated by Martin Shaw

What I found most intriguing was the fact that the neighboring volcano was saturating the surrounding ground water and the streams were carrying huge amounts of the gases into the lake.  Anyway, I highly recommend watching the videos because the story is definitely unusual and intriguing.
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