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Arson Jihad
Were the Bush Fire in Australia (and possibly in California) the result of Arson Jihad? Lit fires to bring hell to infidel's lands.

Apparently, teen arsonist Fadi Zraika finds it funny what’s happened to Australia
Only time will tell. The fact that they were shooting off fireworks may offer them a way out of the "intentionally setting" them to start a fire.
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Arson and forest fires have always been the easiest terrorist action, but they've always been too stupid to use them. just a simple thing waiting to happen. What is weird is that the teens in Australia are mostly copycats and see it as some new kind of fad. It was Waterboy's mother who said: "Schools are the devil!"
ISIS has boasted about doing that, I wouldn`t be surprised if they were responsible for Canadian forest fires.
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