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Mike Bloomberg Buys the Word "Climate"
When Capitalism buys even words.... LOL.  Spiteful

So far, I thought Trump was the best or the least worse, of all candidates:
- Sanders: Too old / Communist
- Warren: Communist
- Biden: Involved in a corruption scandal in Ukraine
- Buttigieg: Too Young

Beside Trump, there is no republican candidates to speak of...

Then enters Bloomberg. And THIS is the guy, Ever-Trumpers would love to see ruling the US.
He is Trump multiplied 50x.

Imagine that he bought all the internet add keywords related to climate change. He's a genius. Much better than Trump. Imagine when this guy will start tweeting...
Let alone all his financial TV channels and newspapers.

Unfortunately you will be forbidden to vote for him by your medulla, (the part of your brain responsible for autonomic functions such as breathing, heart rate and blood pressure,...) because he will run as a democrat candidate. S4

It's really amazing that typical republican Bloomberg may be the next democrat president just because  the republican candidacy is already owned by Trump.
Mike Bloomberg Wrote:I’m spending all my money to get rid of Trump,
First lie of his career: He is spending only 1% of his money. Still a huge amount nobody is able to match. + He can use his own TV chanels.

I don't think he will be better than Trump as policies are concerned. It's more likely to be the same.
I also don't think it's the role of a billionaire to be President. Their role is to fund the president they like. Not to buy their way to the White House.

However he has the advantage over Trump to look like a US President.
And for those who wants, he is a possible alternative:

Mike Bloomberg Wrote:Whether you like it or not, you can’t win the election unless you get moderate Republicans to cross the line. The others are much too liberal for them and they would certainly vote for Donald Trump.
As I said before, he is a republican in a democrat suit.

I still have to read more about his program to see if I can take the fun to praise him on this forum. S5

Number one priority is to get rid of Donald Trump
Bloomberg is wealthy, but not very smart. I think he has proved his ineligibility to be a national leader. He can be a boss and rule over people and makee them kowtow to his whims, but he is no Trump.
WmLambert, If he is elected why would he be ineligible?
If Trump could be president, why Bloomberg couldn't? It the logic behind this story in fact. Bloomberg thought, if Trump can be President, why I couldn't be?"

I'm not pro-Bloomberg. It's not healthy for democracy that people can buy their way to the White House.

So far my favorite contender to oppose Trump is Buttigiek. He is young and moderate. (Just learned today he was gay -LOL-)
Others, including Bloomberg are nearly 80. Sanders is a living fossile.

Maybe it sounds irrelevant to you to have a favorite to oppose Trump and even an oxymoron to have a "democrat favorite", but Trump's legitimacy depends on the credibility of his opponents.
Not ineligible to be elected. Ineligible to deserve being elected. The only Dem candidate that seemed even remotely palatable was Miss "I choose Love," Marianne Williamson - and she was a joke.

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