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Our Number One Enemy!
Thrilling New Novel Reveals Who is America’s #1 Enemy

I've got to get this novel and give it a good read.  Has anyone read this one yet?

[Image: 216204_5_.png]

Quote:While I will not write spoilers for Silent Strike, I will mention one innovation that I have confirmed is indeed a reality. There does exist a bona fide lie-detector system that cannot be manipulated and considering all the fake news and allegations against the administration and other conservatives, I cannot wait until law enforcement has this remarkable tool.

It is astonishing that the Left and its minions operating in Congress and the mainstream media have dismissed the enmity of Iran. On the 18tth anniversary of 9/11, when “some people” destroyed the Twin Towers, the New York Times tweeted, “18 years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center.”  Who knew that airplanes could aim at buildings without pilots? This inability to name Islamic jihadists as perpetrators of terrorism has been the modus operandi of the Left’s narrative. The Obama administration secretly awarded the enemy with pallets of cash yet that didn’t even raise an eyebrow in the mainstream media. Obama proceeded to have a treaty with a government that has never stopped advocating the death of the United States.

Since 9/11/2001, this benevolent country has not taken action against the vast Muslim community as FDR took against Germans and Japanese after the attack on Pearl Harbor by putting them in internment concentration camps. In fact, we’ve elected more Muslim representatives in Congress than ever before. A few of them have not hesitated to profess hatred of American ideals. One of the most vocal, Rep. Iilan Omar (D-Minnesota) was rebuked by a 9/11 victim’s family member for saying, “some people did something” to the Twin Towers. Her response was to act the victim and said she was afraid of the American response. Oh really?

Then explain how over 600 mosques have been built here since 9/11 and even one community center was opened very near to Ground Zero. Why have public schools introduced ‘Be a Muslim day” for their students and bent over backward to accommodate their religious rituals like prayer rugs and foot baths?  Muslims have achieved political power in states like Michigan and Minnesota. There have even been some legislators seeking to enact Sharia law in some domestic cases.

Silent Strike doesn’t pull any punches about who our number one enemy is in the 21st century. It is not the Iranian people, many of them Persians, but the leadership and mullahs who hold them captive and threaten our way of life.

I applaud the authors for this attempt to open our eyes to the truth. Let’s hope our POTUS gets a copy.
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