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The Panda Eats, Shoots and Leaves.
Great book: Eats, Shoots and Leaves

[Image: eats-shoots-leaves-by-lynne-truss-bookwo...7389038033]

I get so frustrated when coming across poor grammar and poor vocabulary usage. Most authors have proof-readers and editors to double-check their writing, and when one comes across the most annoying gaffs, it is evident the gaff spanned several different checkers and was allowed to stand out of more than accident.

I like reading Orson Scott Card and David Weber, and can usually read halfway through one of their series before encountering something that raises my hackles. Today, I was re-reading book six of Weber's Safehold series and came across the misuse of "decimate" for "devastate." For the past few weeks, this particular misuse has been literally everywhere. Every news program has fallen in love with it.

What other bothersome usage have you come across?
In Midst Trials and Tribulations, an Inquisitor Bishop said his priests were decimated. Weird when Salfholdians never used decimals.

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