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Another Foible of Windows Vista
Most of you are probably using up-to-date computers running Windows 10. But anyone still limping along with an older computer running Windows Vista, like me, may be interested in this.

During the lightning storm Tuesday, I left my computer in sleep mode, and the power went out. We eventually had a power outtage that lasted over 15 hours. When I got my computer running again the next day, every few minutes it would crash. It would turn itself completely off.

I took off the side cover, and blew out all the dust, and then with the power strip turned off I pressed a finger on each component gently to make sure they were all properly seated. This worked four years ago when my computer had trouble booting properly. This time it did not work. So I went through the startup analysis, and checked the CMOS settings. (CMOS is the basic settings used by the operating system.) I discovered that somehow the date had gotten set to Jan. 1, 2004. The operating system (Windows Vista) checks the internet date and time every so often. I am guessing that when the OS finds a date conflict that extreme, it does not know what to do about it, so it shuts down the computer. After I corrected the date and time, the computer worked perfectly, with no more crashing. This was a big relief, since I pay most of my bills via the internet.

So a word to the wise, if your computer goes haywire, check the date setting. If it is too far from the internet date and time, Windows Vista WILL crash!

P.S. If you have Windows Vista running on your computer, which Microsoft no longer supports, there is a source for checking and updating your Windows Vista available from Reimage. ( They maintain a complete set of files and updates for Vista and compare it to your computer's files, and repair or replace anything that needs it, while also scanning for malware. It also does this for the registry (a crucial part of the OS). It costs about $41 at present, but once you download it, you can run it as often as you want for a year. You do have to have a good internet connection for the program to run.
I have Windows 10 downstairs in my basement shop, but the one in my bedroom is using Windows 7, which I Love. Windows 10 is ok, but I think "7" suits me best.
About Coronavirus - “Suddenly I begin to understand why Charlie gets so excited over taking a walk outside.”
Operating systems and apps are all over the place. Many, many people prefer older versions of graphics systems, yet the newer versions do have wonderful new things in them. Once artists learn how to do what they need, and do them well, new versions pop up and screw up simple things that force them to relearn how to do what once came easily.

The underlying fear of hacking and need for security also makes changes necessary. Part of that comes from new chips. It used to be that the most dangerous security flaws were purposeful back-doors that MicroSoft designers put in their work product.

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