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O2/CO2 Process. Everything Is Working Fine!
The Eco-Wackos and Anthropogenic Global Warming fanatics are wringing their hands, and crying "Doom & Gloom", as if the planet is in danger of we humans, who are destroying the habitat.  And one of the things they point to as the only savior we have is the Amazon Rainforest, because it is creating more oxygen that humans need to breath.  And while it may be true that it is the leader in Photosynthesis, it is not the only producer, a long shot.    

I saw this image on one of the sites I frequent, and was somewhat skeptical about the numbers/percentages, so I went and started looking for the facts.  

[Image: Lib6.jpg]

And here is something that the kooks really need to study closely, if they are going to really understand the process that keeps the planet green and thriving.

Quote:NASA Shows U.S. Corn Belt Literally Glowing with Productivity

Productivity is a tricky term here. Often, agricultural productivity describes how much food a farmer produces with a limited number of resources. The research, published on March 25 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, is instead concerned with “gross productivity” — in other words, the sheer amount of photosynthetic activity happening in a region.

To get a read on the metric, researchers led by Joanna Joiner of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center looked to the basics of photosynthesis. Chlorophyll in plants mainly absorbs light for conversion into energy, but the cell organs also emit a small portion of that light as a florescent glow invisible to the naked eye.

Joiner’s team realized they could measure that glow from existing satellite data. Research led by Luis Guanter at the Freie UniversitÁ¤t Berlin then used the data to estimate the photosynthesis from agriculture.

As you might expect, the tropics topped out productivity during most the year, but then there was the raging plant party known as Iowa in July. In the height of the growing season, the Corn Belt lit up NASA’s map at levels 40 times greater than those observed in the Amazon rain forest.

NASA | Seeing Photosynthesis from Space
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