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Amnesty International issues USA travel warning
Amnesty International issues USA travel warning

Too much peril from gun ownership is what they claim - not isolated mass shootings or gang shootings in Democrat-run cities.
LOL What a shame! Usually it's the US who issue warning about all the other countries.
Obviously Amnesty International hasn't studied the actual statistics, comparing murders around the world before passing judgement here.  The numbers from that publication I linked to the other day, shows that Norway has far more murders per capita, than the US.

The real problem is that the Loony Left and its accomplices in the Fake News, go out of their way to yell and scream about those EVIL Conservative Dumbasses, before they find out that almost ALL of the murderers are Leftists and pro-Jackass, as with these two latest killings.  In fact, now that all those Muslim invaders, sorry about that, refugees are in Europe, the killings, rapes, and law breaking are headed through the roof.  

Has the EU outlawed knives yet?  Spiteful
About Coronavirus - “Suddenly I begin to understand why Charlie gets so excited over taking a walk outside.”

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