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The Kashmir Equation: Where will it lead?
Here is an article from yesterday's Legal Insurrection blog.  And boy are the possibilities worth paying close attention.

Quote:India Revokes Special Status for Muslim-Majority Kashmir, May Open Up Region to Hindu Immigration.  Muslim separatist leaders put under house arrest, protests banned.

In a surprise move, India has scrapped special constitutional status granted to the Muslim-majority Kashmir region. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist government issued a presidential order on Monday revoking decades-old legislative provisions granting autonomy to the northern Indian state formally known as Jammu and Kashmir.

The move has been accompanied by a massive military build up. Ahead of the announcement, New Delhi dispatched 10,000 troops to the region, adding to estimated 210,000 army and para-military soldiers already deployed there.

Muslim separatists accuse India of seeking to alter the demography of the region. Qatar-based Al Jazeera wrote: “Critics of such a measure say that in doing away with Article 370 [Kashmir’s constitutional status], the government hopes to change India-administered Kashmir’s Muslim-majority demographics by allowing in a flood of new Hindu residents.”

Leading Islamic separatists have been placed under house arrest, and protests have been banned, local media reports said. The presidential decree also splits the state into two, placing Buddhist-majority Ladakh region under New Delhi’s direct rule.

The special status was granted to the Kashmir region in early 1950s, in hopes of placating the local Muslim population. The appeasement policy advocated by India’s subsequent socialist governments, however, failed to win over the militant Islamists. A series of jihadist terror campaigns have purged the region of its non-Muslim population. Some 95 percent of the native Hindus were forcefully evicted, making Kashmir 90 percent Muslim. India faces a sustained terrorist campaign in Kashmir. Since 1990, Jihadists have killed over 14,000 civilians and 5,000 soldiers, according to official Indian figures

India to revoke special status for Kashmir - BBC News

Its surprising, to me anyway, that no news agencies are giving this any air time.  Instead I had to just be catching up on some of my rarely used blogs, and came across this.  I'm not sure if this will mean another war between India and the Pakis, but almost certainly an inner civil war will be the result of India's withdrawal of its appeasement to the Kashmir region.  WOW!  I suspect this will be big news real soon.  Shock
About Coronavirus - “Suddenly I begin to understand why Charlie gets so excited over taking a walk outside.”
This could well be a prototype action that may be picked up by other nations.

I have never heard of this at all. Where is he vaunted media?
The Pakis are responding to the Indian announcement as expected.

Pakistan downgrades diplomatic ties, suspends trade with India over Kashmir

If this doesn't end up in conflict, it'll surprise me.  Shock
About Coronavirus - “Suddenly I begin to understand why Charlie gets so excited over taking a walk outside.”

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