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new Director of National Intelligence
John Ratcliffe tapped to replace Dan Coats

Was Coats one of the swamp monsters? He didn't seem as bad as some of the others. However; Ratcliffe was great in the hearing with Mueller.
Everybody clashes with Trump. There has to be something else. Spiteful
About Coronavirus - “Suddenly I begin to understand why Charlie gets so excited over taking a walk outside.”
John L Wrote:...Everybody clashes with Trump. There has to be something else. Spiteful

N0 - definitely not. What people clash with is the media and misdirecting and disinformational pols - whether Democrat or Never-Trumpers. Over the years, Trump has a real record of friendships and public support. The Three Stooges: Farrakhan, Sharpton, and Jackson competed with each other as to who could give Trump the most accolades and awards for philanthropy and civil rights successes. His entire career was spent being successful and helpful without bragging about doing so. When he mentioned one day running for office, both the Democrats and GOP wanted him in their camp.

Trump did have political enemies. In NY, several Democrat Mayors and Governors walked on tip-toes to block his efforts, again without admitting they were doing so. In his auto-biographies, he explained his strategy of out-waiting them, and coming in to save their bacon when they finally admitted they needed his expertise. That ice rink is a great example.
Bill,..........................................NeverMind. Banghead
About Coronavirus - “Suddenly I begin to understand why Charlie gets so excited over taking a walk outside.”
John L Wrote:...Bill,..........................................NeverMind.  Banghead

I sure wish you would use your intellect and understand posts before denigrating them. No need to bang your head because of a few words of praise about Trump's long career before running afoul of the media.

Look, he was always a celebrity on the pages of tabloids, especially when the real estate bubble burst and he was stuck with liquidating failed projects. However; in all that failure, I never heard him doing less than he could for his workers or employees. He did take on some subs and unions who decided they could do business as usual and scam another builder. I personally saw subs who cut corners and owners who hired a builder, like Trump, to also cut corners and made unreasonable demands. Ask me about owners like Jay-Z and Beyonce and the Forty-Forty Club in Vegas, sometime. A builder like Trump was always a good guy to work with.

What I said about the three stooges giving Trump awards is real. He has always found worthy people to invest in, and good people who needed a little help, and gave it without publicity. You can access the YouTube clips of Hillary praising him before he chose to run. He was like Schwarzenegger in the Stallone SF film, "Demolition Man". In that movie, long before Arnold entered politics, his statue, as a Governor, stunned the Stallone character in the future who was cryogenically frozen. There were always rumors of Arnold in politics, as there were with Trump. In all those pre-election years, the Dems just naturally assumed he would run as one of their own. When he didn't. his personality and life-long positive records were revisioned.

I've never said he was perfect, but I have always said he was lied about.

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