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Taiwan's domestic arms industry
The future of Taiwan is unclear, however who wants to be controlled by China?

I really wonder what might happen to Taiwan in future. Taiwan is too small to defend itself against China in case of an invasion.
It might be possible for Taiwan to reject Chinese forces for a short while, for a few months maybe... but not much longer, just my opinion.
Or will China just wait it out and doing 'nothing'....? Just let Taiwan as it is now? I don't think so.

As I said already, I am happy living in Japan, still some distance away from China, Taiwan, North and South Korea.

Russia - the closest neighbour of Japan considering some Russian occupied islands - is not considered as a direct threat by Japan, but more seen as a traitor of WWII. More or less all Japanese are mistrusting and dislike Russia - however any military action from both sides is very unlikely.

While China is surely not the good friend of Japan, there are no such political discussions about if Japan is a sovereign nation and not only a province, or if Japan is a 50/50 part of a divided nation....

There are also no internal problems like in the impoverished and chaotic Philippines, with large groups of Muslims, demanding an independent country or with New People Army communists, fighting for a socialist Philippines...

I don't think Japanese politics will change much in future, still the best place for living and the most politically stable nation in this region.

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