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Dream Interpretation
Recently someone on Facebook asked what it might mean that they frequently dream of flying. That reminded me of what I have read about dream interpretation.

Dreaming is not only natural, it is essential, whether you remember dreaming or not. Experiments have shown that when someone is kept from dreaming (such as by waking them up the instant they show rapid eye movement), in a few days that person exhibits schizophrenia, and may even begin hallucinating. Dreaming seems to be a way that the unconscious mind processes the emotions that bombard us during the day. When I have had a very vivid dream, and figured out what my subconscious mind was trying to say to myself, I have felt a great sense of peace, like I had come into unity with myself.

Flying is a common dream symbol which usually signifies a feeling of victory or success--you may feel successful, or feel you are on the verge of being successful, or ardently hope to become successful.

Other common dream symbols: If you dream you are in a car or some other vehicle, but someone else is driving, you could be feeling that someone else is in control of your life, determining what direction you will go. If you dream that you keep missing the bus, or some other ride, it could mean you are feeling that you are missing out on something in life.

Now, there is one dream I have frequently, which I have not yet been able to figure out. I would appreciate any suggestions about what I may be trying to tell myself. I dream I am back in college, but when classes are over for the day, I cannot find my car. I remember driving to college and parking, but not exactly where. I keep searching, and eventually I am not even sure which parking lot my car is in. In a similar vein, even though now I am retired, sometimes I dream that I am at work at my last full-time job, but when it is time to go home--again I cannot find my car! Once in a while I have dreamed that the police told me that my car was stolen. (This has never happened to me in real life.) Anyone care to clue me in? One result of these dreams is that I am always careful to make sure I lock my car. S1

Those who know me may remember that I was without a car for a couple of years following an accident that was not my fault, and it was a long time before I got another car. But I had this dream years before that happened, and I had the dream again a few nights ago, after I have a car again, and have for several months. I even had the dream a couple of times during the time that I did not have a car, but in my dream I did have a car. I just couldn't find it.
Perhaps not being able to find your car, and complete the day, your mind is telling you that your life is still unfulfilled. Something is missing, and the dreams keep reminding you of that.

Just a guess on my part. Aww
About Coronavirus - “Suddenly I begin to understand why Charlie gets so excited over taking a walk outside.”
I've had the same experience, Ron. For me, they seem to be temporally distant, at a time when I was going to many different job sites,

Since then, in real life, I always remember my parking spot. "4-19". Fourth row, nineteenth slot. In my dreams, after I wake up, I always wonder why I didn't use the location app on my cellphone.
Not bad.

One thought I had was that maybe dreaming I could not find my car was my subconscious telling me that I feel a lack of independence--after all, to most of us, a car is our mobility, our independence. But the only way I see of remedying that is to become wealthy.
...Or stolen. That would hinge upon victimology. Or fear of forgetfulness, Alzheimers, etc.

To combat the latter, I do online crossword puzzles and compete with myself for quickest completion times.
I did show you the photo I took in the Kroger's parking lot with my car somewhere parked in a row of white Equinoxes? Sometimes it's like "Where's Waldo?"
At least my car stands out. It is called "sunburst yellow." I never see more than three cars with that color in any parking lot. And what is really ironic is that it is a Chevy Cobalt--which you think would be blue!
For some reason I'm attracted to yellow. My first new car was a 1972 VW Super Beetle, Texas Yellow. Then I got a yellow Dodge D50 sport truck, with matching camper top.

[Image: 042919-1979-Dodge-D-50-Sport-2-630x390.jpg]

I really loved that truck, and had plans of keeping it til it fell apart. But one day my wife borrowed it to pick up something, and on the way home, a teenaged boy was fiddling with the radio stations and plowed into the back of it, totaling it. I went out and bought another one just like it, but it was a bummer. After that I purposefully went with a red 1985 Nissan 4WD King Cab. I always regretted not getting another yellow truck. S11
About Coronavirus - “Suddenly I begin to understand why Charlie gets so excited over taking a walk outside.”
Here is a photo of my car as it was when I first got it. (I have touched it up with some spray paint since then.)


I would note that I do not like the rear spoiler--it blocks my view when trying to back up.

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