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Weak Link
As we wait for the next big economic crisis to unravel it is fun to speculate which of the large US companies opens the show....  the candidate field is as large as that of the democratic hopefuls and includes much of the fracking industry, banking, semiconductors (badly hit by Trump's war on China), retail, and vaporware monstrosities like Tesla and Facebook.

 Boeing is a new and promising entry in this race to the bottom, so let's take a look.. below are the orders from the big air show in Paris:

[Image: 5316334_8b6be1c1bb8a5369723d2feecddb20e2.png]

Quite impressive for Airbus, firm orders are 3:1. And while Boeing wins in the promises category, well... there was an old saying "to promise is not to marry"... and these promises are not likely to be fulfilled for a number of reasons, including additional months of delays of MAX announced after the show, problems now encountered with other Boeing models, humiliating but delicious reporting about how Boeing writes software (un-freaking-believable), forthcoming lawsuits, and overall worsening of economies everywhere in the next year.
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