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The Iran - Russia Courtship
Everywhere one turns one is reminded in the news that Iran and Russia are romantically involved in their crusade against Ugly Uncle Sam.  Russian war planes and military equipment have been flowing into Iran, along with Russian advisors, and from all appearances they may be about to 'tie the know' so to speak.  

But there is one issue that may well derail their romance, and that involves the Caspian Sea.  Or is it now Caspian Lake? Anyway, I just went through this article on Zero Hedge, and I get the distinct impression that Russia is making out like a bandit over the division of economic spoils when it comes to dividing up assets from the Sea-Lake, and geology underneath.

Quote:How Iran Was Swindled Out Of $3.2 Trillion

Underlying the one-year anniversary in mid-August of the signing of the ‘Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea’ is one of the greatest oil industry swindles in recent years.

When representatives of the five Caspian littoral states meet on the 11th and 12th of August, Iran intends to seek some redress from Russia on Moscow’s manoeuvring last August. The Islamic Republic believes that it was robbed of its historical rights in the Caspian, conned out of a US$50 billion per year income, and left without Russia’s support against the re-imposition of U.S. sanctions.

You all are going to have to read the entire article in order to gain a clearer understanding as to why Iran would feel it is being screwed royally over the dividing of Caspian Sea, or Lake, resources.  Its well worth the read.  But here's the last sentence which sums up the whole thing in one neat little package.

Quote:“This switch from 50 percent to just over 11 percent means that Iran will lose at least US$3.2 trillion in revenues from the disputed and lost value of energy products going forward,” concluded the Iran source.
“Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is made up” — Saint Al of the Gore -
Sorry, John, total BS again.  I don't understand how you manage to find such topics, but this one is even less logical than Chinese conquest of Siberia! 

OK, let me explain a few really simple things :

1.  There are international norms about dividing territorial waters and internal seas. Basically, accordingly to the coastline.  Look at the map, for G-d's sake! Before 1991, USSR has three of the four sides of the rectangle (Capsian simplified), Iran had one of the sides -- a short one too.  50% ? LOL, big imagination!

2.  But now, the Caspian sea is divided between 5 countries, with Iran and Russia not sharing a border. Therefore, if Iran has an issue they want to raise, it would be with their neighbors, and it would be about minor adjustments. I have not heard anything about such an issue even being mentioned, but if it will be, it would be a minor story.

Was going to write 3, and 4, and .. but would not...   waste of time !

Grow up, think for yourself, and ask right questions just one time:

Who planted this story and why ? 

Do you see any connection between this story and very interesting proposals coming out of China?  Or this Taleb's tweet ?

If you don't ... try again :S6

Now, the good news that you have not yet posted anything as bizarre as Wm's statement about patriarchal revolution of Judaism....  maybe you do have some hope?

The bad news is that by reading total crap you miss really interesting things that are happening! 

Should you not be paying attention to Trump's False Flag attack on tankers, for example?
Sanders 2020

When did you say you were planing to move back to родина? Spiteful
“Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is made up” — Saint Al of the Gore -
Quote: родина?

Wow, learning Russian! Congratulations, this is an excellent idea. I presume you decided to retire in a Christian country, and can only praise your choice and the wisdom of learning the language first.

After all, you would not be the first to do this,  you will be joining Steven Seagal, Ed Snowden, that aristocratic Italian family from the last week, many others, and the last, but not the least, agent Donald!

I may be able to give you some helpful tips --- one, make sure not to fly Boeing, those things drop too much! --- nd shall be posting in Russian now to give you the necessary practice... hope I remember enough of it.

In fact, let me try ....

Ну и уберкозел, однако, это же шестой раз как он пишет все ту же глупость.... но, да ладно, таки полезное напоминание что время потраченное на этом форуме имеет нулевую информативную величину, а пинать глупцов это таки низко.

Однако же какая слепота... в мире происходит столько интересного, другой такой эпохи не было и не будет, а уберкозел даже не видит.....
mv, Shto takoi "уберкозел" i "слепота"?
(Izvinii, ruskie klavishe neinstalirovan moye komputera"
У меня нет русских клавиш тоже -- и я вообще не помню русскую клавиатуру!
Windows allow to install phonetic keyboard, so I actually type using the English keyboard, almost as fast....

слепота -- blindness.....

уберкозел -- composite -- uber (German) + козел (Russian)
Sanders 2020

So you have a "phonetic keyboard" where cyrillic letters are on the same keys as latin letters? I ddin't know that! Should give a try...
Not me, this is a part of Windows 10, but you may need to install their Russian language support.

it is the same keys for the most part but there are also some shortcuts, for example, typing YA yields the same letter as typing Q, or SH can be shortened to W.

One totally idiotic feature : Ctrl+Shift shifts between normal and phonetic Cyrillic keyboards. Why would anyone want to have both and shift ? Why not give a shortcut like this to switch between Cyrillic and Latin? -- donno what they were thinking.
Sanders 2020

Alt+Shift shifts keyboards to whichever comes next in the list of installed keyboards, as on the language tray icon.

mvub Wrote:Not me, this is a part of Windows 10,
Sorry: I thought you had a brain implant enabling you to type in russian while thinking in english.
I already live in SciFi sometimes... S5
Alt-Shift -- TYVM!!!!! Love it.
Sanders 2020

MV-- what is this "Sanders 2020" nonsense? How can you forget that we fought World War II to save Western Civilization from being subjugated by the tyranny of socialism? And the Cold War was our successful resistance to the ultimate expression of socialism, communism. As I have pointed out before, socialism is based on coveting the possessions of others, which is a direct violation of the tenth commandment, which prohibits us from coveting anything that is our neighbor's. And since 1 John 3:4 tells us "Sin is the transgression of the Law," this means that socialism is based on what God condemns as sin. We should beware of any system of government that is overtly based on sin. That also likely explains the popularity of socialism, because it is based on sin. Instead of rewarding those who are creative and productive, socialism punishes those who are creative and productive. That is no way to create Paradise!

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