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Blue Collar Logic!
This guy's really good. What I particularly like about him is that my thinking pretty much parallels his. Its a "Common Sense" outlook on how the human world tends to work. And too, its a practical sense of morality that is pretty much universal. I'll be posting his verbal essays in the future.

One other thing I note here that I have picked up on other sites as well. I tend to rail on and on about the constant misuse of the word "Liberal", and curse the day FDR began this terrible lie. Well, I've noticed a trend that seems to be a more practical way to get off the Left/Liberal bandwagon, and most folks will eventually make the change without knowing why the language has smoothly transitioned from 'Liberal' to 'Progressive.

When you watch the video, his first reference to the political Left, he uses the "Liberal-Progressive reference. Then he moves off this and uses the word 'Progressive' correctly for the rest of the presentation. By initiating the verbal transfer he is getting his followers to accept change. I like this approach, because it is much smoother, with less friction. Maybe I can halt my ranting about the injustice of mislabeling. Take that President Roosevelt and shove it. Spiteful

Hate Signaling! Because Virtue Is So 2015

Have a Gneiss Day!
My White Male Privilege. The Truth Of It In 13 Minutes.

Have a Gneiss Day!

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