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In Praise of Western Civilization
Where's Quadrat when we really need him? Spiteful

Why Has the West Been So Successful?

Have a Gneiss Day!
While Ben Shapiro is normally correct, in this episode he gets only partial kudos. Athens was not reason. It was following Mt.Olympus and the belief in whimsical gods who did not have set physical laws of the universe. Although Shapiro praised Telos from Aristotle and Socrates. they did not follow the Scientific Method. It took the Christian scientists to promote that. The biggest example is gravity. The Greek "scientists" believed things fell at a speed directly related to their weight. For them, an anvil would fall faster than an apple. The Scientific Method emerged later. No Greek ever tried to test their beliefs by dropping different objects from a height.
Whenever someone from a third world country or even from Europe asks why America is so prosperous and relatively free, the real answer is that our ancestors made wiser choices than their ancestors did. But we could still lose it all and go the route of Venezuela, if we make unwise choices, like those advocated by the extreme left of the Democratic party.

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