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Killer asteroid ?

Quote:For decades, the massive asteroid crash that caused the Chicxulub crater in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula has been considered the likely cause of the mass extinction often called the "KT boundary" for the division between two geologic time periods. A study published in January suggests that the asteroid also caused a worldwide tsunami that reached more than 5,000 feet in the air.

If true, interesting. But notice that there is no evidence and likely such cannot be found that the Hell Creek event was not a local impact, not related to the Big One.  After all, small asteroids happen, they also kill living things and leave craters, and such asteroids even can be artificially manufactured, Boeing is quite good in this
This is Much-to-do about less. First of all, a 5000ft tsunami wave is not credible. Even if the impactor caused a 5000 foot initial front, it would almost immediately drop back to something far more realistic. Secondly, the map placed in the video is not correct. Sixty-five million years ago, North America was divided into two land masses that were separated by ocean. The wave would have no trouble reaching that far northward with a much smaller wave front.

And last, there is no evidence that it was a(as in singular) asteroid strike that did all this. If it was a comet, there would be calving and the result being more impactors, causing much more damage. That's much more credible.

Sensationalism tends to sell papers and garner attention. But the threat from Impactors is Real, be they asteroids or comets. Telling the difference is always difficult, and that's why the correct word should be "Impactor".
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Agree fully, actually.

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