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Grand Solar Minimum & China's Big Moves
This probably needs to be placed in the International Politics Section, but for right now I'll keep it here.  China has been making important moves in other countries, but Big Time in Africa.  And its all about climate and feeding the masses.  David at Adapt 2030 sets the stage today with this post and Everyone should play close attention, because it affects the world.

This is a Must Watch!!

Global Peak Wheat Production Has Arrived What It Means For You (798)

For the past few years, the MSM has been reporting on how the Chinese have been investing heavily in Africa, and other places where agriculture will be less affected by the coming cooler climate.  Remember all the empty apartment complexes, all over Africa?  And add to all this the fact that PRC is about to take over a major seaport in Kenya, due to their inability to repay their loans.  

China To Take Over Kenya's Largest Port Over Unpaid Chinese Loan

Now, why is this taking place?  Note the map and you can see that Kenya is at the midpoint of that continent, and the perfect location for funneling their crops and natural resources, as they are moved to the mother country.  

Click to Enlarge

And naturally the MSM thinks they know why China is doing what it is doing, right?  Take this article by the WaPo, where they see some of the benefits of Chinese investment, but are not looking at the strategic, long term, reason.  Its like they have no idea that we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum.

Quote:China is often lambasted as a nefarious actor in its African dealings, but the evidence tells a more complicated story. Chinese loans are powering Africa, and Chinese firms are creating jobs. China’s agricultural investment is far more modest than reported and welcomed by some Africans. China may boost Africa’s economic transformation, or they may get it wrong — just as American development efforts often go awry.

But here is a Bloomberg article that has a much better idea as to why China is doing what it is doing.

Farming the World: China’s Epic Race to Avoid a Food Crisis
Have a Gneiss Day!

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