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Miss Nancy has her hands full with the likes of her and OAC
This post at WUWT, covers the peak oil silliness well.

The End of Oil and Gas

Andy May / July 7, 2018 


The end of oil and gas has been predicted on a regular basis since 1885, yet today we use more of both than ever before and no end is in sight in the data available. Figure 1 shows worldwide energy consumption by fuel since 1965 and projected to 2035 by BP in billion tonnes of oil equivalent, it shows substantial growth in both oil and gas.

[Image: Figure_1.png]


This PAGE has a lot of information about Oil and Gas

Search Results for: Peak Oil
Do you own research, don't copy a friend, everyone has a load of friends in every area who are willing to opine.  I chose one place which shows clear negative dynamics, the same holds for MANY other places.

For example: Algeria 

[Image: algeria-crude-oil-production.png?s=alger...2=20191231]


[Image: angola-crude-oil-production.png?s=angola...2=20191231]


[Image: mexico-crude-oil-production.png?s=mexico...2=20191231]

and so on.    Then look *really carefully* what is happening with the Saudis, Russia, Venezuela and the US.

Not my job to educate you -- you are entitled to your opinions and research.    I'd just notice that if one wants to be really cynical, one would suggest that over the last quarter century, under five different presidents, the US started a dozen wars, got itself into trillions dollars deficit (and doom spiral), murdered many thousands of innocent people, wipe out entire cities .. and all this for no purpose whatsoever? 


And another consideration for you: assume I'm incorrect on the oil availability -- unlikely, but not impossible. This changes nothing whatsoever -- oil is still a valuable commodity to control.
Sanders 2020

Anyway, to wrap this up:

No intention to go into a scientific discussion on the oil issue -- simply, no time and you should be able to see the trends well enough yourself.

Now, as what Trump thinks about this (and this is more important than what we think, or what is the actual truth): see McCabe's book around page 260.
Sanders 2020


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