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SmartPhone Addiction: Natural Selection At Its Finest!
Something tells me that the incidence of videos and articles, highlighting SmartPhone stupidity, will be growing exponentionally as time goes by.  Maybe its due to the fact that I am older and wiser, but I never heard the siren song from these devices, other than using as a phone, or music player.  Today's society seems hellbent on killing itself with these things.  

This is a classic example of Natural Selection at its finest.  Charles Darwin would be having a field day, just watching what his theory has produced.    S13

Oh, I also use my smartphone as a GPS device when going to a client's residence at an unfamiliar location.  But I have a special spot on the top of my dashboard, that is within my vision and not have to move my head.  Plus, I always carry my Bluetooth cordless headphones, which allows me to clearly hear the instructions in one ear.  

But the thing that worries me most are the ones who are driving and satisfying their addictions at the same time.  I see it all the time.  Whenever the driver in front of me has his/her head tilted downward, I can tell that I am following an addict.  And beeping the horn does nothing to get them away from that addiction.  In many cases it makes them furious.  Many of them at the stop light are so intent that they miss the green light.  And by the time you beep at them and they start moving, the light has already turned yellow, and sometime I am caught unable to make my turn.  

Here is what I am talking about.

Smart Phone Zombies Killing Accidents - Real Time CCTV Footage

And its not just people walking either.  Its also the drivers, who not only cause accidents, but run over people who are also borrowed into their smartphones.  

Dont Text and Drive PSA

Hillary Clinton Is Like Herpes, "She Wont Go Away" - Anna Paulina
Here's the sort of thing that should be pounded into every teenager's head at school. And drivers who get tickets for texting and driving should be required to watch numerous videos, showing how easily it is to kill others when behind the wheel.

Wait for it... this could save your life | @SummerBreak 4

Hillary Clinton Is Like Herpes, "She Wont Go Away" - Anna Paulina

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